The Dust: Book Three - Sanctum

The Dust: Book Three - Sanctum by David H Sharp

Book: The Dust: Book Three - Sanctum by David H Sharp Read Free Book Online
Authors: David H Sharp
    ‘Don’t let them come over here.’ Roger looked at Harry James, who couldn’t stop staring at the half eaten bodies.
    Yesterday was their first day on the road and it had been an uneventful one, just how Roger liked it. Today however had been different, straight from the off. The morning mist hung low across the fields, distant howls and screams had echoed across the hills for the first two hours of riding. The two younger girls, in particular, had been spooked by the sounds cutting their way through the eerie morning haze.
    After the sun had burnt most of the mist away, figures could be seen on the hills opposite to where they were riding. Naked or clothed they couldn’t tell, but Angel and the others were keen to avoid any contact. It was only after they had stopped for lunch that they had stumbled upon this old stone chapel in the middle of the small woods.
    Roger looked over his shoulder. Harry James was now marching back to the girls, to tell them to stay put. He looked up at the trees and then the small steeple on top of the church; it was serene. He imagined a summers day, with a wedding or a christening taking place. The smiling faces stood near the church gate, taking photographs of the happy occasion.
    He looked at the graveyard. The juxtaposition of this new world was hard to swallow. Five of the fresh graves had been dug up, and the corpses dragged from their coffins and torn apart. Some older graves had also been disturbed, but the skeletal remains were largely left untouched.
    Had the infected done this to eat the bodies, or had the bodies been eaten by wild animals?
    Roger couldn’t tell. Just like the pigs back at the farm there weren’t any clear answers, one thing was for certain though; no animal could dig deep into the earth to retrieve a coffin. That was definitely a human intervention. What had taken place after that was guess work.
    ‘I’m only saying what Roger asked me to relay back to you.’ Harry James tried to stop Angel advancing any further.
    ‘If you don’t stand aside I will force you to move.’ Angel snarled.
    ‘Okay. Okay.’ Harry James stepped back to let her pass.
    ‘You two stay here.’ She ordered Naomi and Lou Pepper.
    Harry James looked sheepishly at the two girls. ‘She’s not going to like it.’
    Roger was crouching down, inspecting the freshly dug earth, when he could hear the footsteps approaching from behind.
    ‘Oh Jesus Christ.’
    He instantly recognised the voice. He stood up to see a shocked Angel looking out over the graveyard.
    ‘Is nothing sacred?’ She held her hand up close to her mouth.
    ‘I told Harry to keep you all away.’ Roger looked over Angel’s shoulder to check the girls weren’t on their way.
    ‘It’s my fault.’ She couldn’t stop staring at the grizzly scene. ‘I wish I had listened now.’
    ‘It’s pretty grim isn’t it?’ Roger stood next to her as they both surveyed the horror of the exhumed graves. ‘It’s the work of the Infected, of that I’m sure.’
    ‘Have they eaten the dead?’ Angel could see what she thought was the dead body of an old man, with his eyes missing and the side of his face ripped to the skull.
    ‘It could be them, it could be animals.’
    Roger shrugged. ‘Does anything have meaning anymore?’
    ‘But they have nothing, they’re just corpses.’ Angel turned her back on the dead.
    ‘I don’t like it around here.’ Roger too turned away, and started to walk slowly with Angel back to the group. ‘I think we should change direction.’
    ‘I thought we were going to stick close to the coast, and then head south directly above Newton Abbot?’
    ‘There is too much activity here. Call it a hunch, or a feeling in my bones, but I just don’t like it. We need to move inland.’ He stopped walking. ‘The Purebloods allegedly cleaned up the South west, but I don’t think they scratched the surface.’
    ‘You think there are lots of infected still out there?’ Angel

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