The Dragon's Queen (Dragon Lords)

The Dragon's Queen (Dragon Lords) by Michelle M. Pillow

Book: The Dragon's Queen (Dragon Lords) by Michelle M. Pillow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle M. Pillow
You’d better not say that to your mother,” Axell warned playfully. “She’ll end your food supply faster than a dragon breathes fire.”
    * * *
    “I like your father,” Llyr said as they made their way from the campsite.
    “ He is a good man,” she agreed.
    “ Are your cooking skills really that bad?” He’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that this revelation disappointed him a little. Her mother’s meat-filled concoction was one of the most delicious things he’d ever tasted.
    “ I won’t starve, but they’re not great.” Mede didn’t look at him. She kept her eyes forward as they reached a jutting of rocks. She pointed up. “Fastest way without ceffyls is up there.”
    Llyr watched her shift into dragon form and leap high into the air. Dragon, human, it didn ’t matter what form she took, she was exquisite. He heard Tomos’ footfall coming past him. The man had also shifted so he could easily leap up the rock. Llyr’s heart raced in anticipation of a run. He gave a low growl as the hard shell of his dragon overtook his body. Being shifted cooled his sexual desires somewhat but did not lessen the connection he felt toward Mede. As he landed on a rock, he saw that Mede had darted ahead, jumping from rock perch to rock perch, before finally landing on a higher pathway, and breaking out into a full run.
    Not to be outdone, he eagerly followed her up the rock , to land on a narrow path behind Tomos. A wall of dirt and stone brushed past his arm, and on the other side, was a straight drop down. It wouldn’t kill them, but a fall would do some damage even in their shifted state. There was just enough room to run in single file. With Tomos between them, Llyr was left with only peeks of Mede’s hair and long legs as she led them through the wilderness.
    * * *
    Mede glanced over her shoulder to see Llyr catching up to her. The narrow path opened up to a forest that would lead down to the village. The terrain became unfamiliar, but she knew the general direction. Soon she should be able to pick up sounds of miners and their families, which would help guide her the rest of the way.
    She ran faster, pushing so hard her heart was bound to explode out of her chest. Dodging thick underbrush, she almost ran into a stack of fallen limbs. Mede gasped in surprise and skidded to a stop just in time to keep from impaling herself o n a broken branch. Smaller limbs scratched at her, but they didn’t hurt. She pushed back only to discover her hair had flown into the brush and tangled on the sharp yellow thorns. More embarrassed than anything else, she tugged at the locks to free them.
    “ Easy, Mede, let me,” Llyr said. He breathed hard.
    “ Prince?” Tomos asked, stopping nearby.
    “ Send my greetings to your family. We will camp in the mines tonight if we are needed,” Llyr called out in a gravelly voice. Mede’s eyes met his. Alone? All night?
    “ Very good, prince,” Tomos said. She heard the man continue his run.
    Llyr shifted back to human form, prompting her to do the same. It would be easier to free her hair with fingertips instead of sharp talons.
    “Unless you’re scared of sleeping in the cave,” he said, gently pulling strands of her hair free.
    “ Why would I be scared of a cave?”
    “ Trolla, the protector of the mines, doesn’t take kindly to non-miners in her territory.” Llyr freed the last of her locks but didn’t immediately let go. He slid his fingers over the strands.
    “ I fear no woman,” Mede said.
    “ You really aren’t afraid of confrontation, are you?” Llyr chuckled. “Trolla is a goddess.”
    “ No. I’m not.” Mede grinned at the compliment. “But if a goddess reveals herself to us and asks us to go, I promise to leave without starting a brawl.”
    Llyr dropped the hair behind her shoulder and let the tip of a finger drag over the flesh of her neck. He traced a light path to where her crystal would have hung had she not destroyed it. “I

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