The Doctor and the Naughty Girl

The Doctor and the Naughty Girl by Trent Evans

Book: The Doctor and the Naughty Girl by Trent Evans Read Free Book Online
Authors: Trent Evans
his teeth. She jerked hard, her surprised shriek music to his ears. Then he began sucking it, harder and harder, thrusting two, then three fingers deep into the soaked depths of her pussy, moving faster and faster as he sucked and licked her tortured, inflamed clit.
    “Come now,” he said, the edge of his tongue still against her, taking it into his mouth and sucking even harder.
    Amity screamed then, rearing up on the table, the poles of the stirrups shaking in their mounts as she went over, her entire body shuddering.
    “Oh, fuck, oh, my fucking God! ”
    Her juices gushed forth, and he left off her clit to lap at them, loving how she soaked his still thrusting fingers. Her scent was all around him as he licked her moisture from her skin, pausing to lick and nip at her clit as he did, making her yelp and moan each time at the sensitivity of her clit post-orgasm.
    “Dane… Dane, oh, God, this… too much,” she moaned, her head rolling wildly. Her hand came down to the back of his head, twisting in his hair. But rather than try to pull him away, she pulled him closer with surprising strength, her moans growing even louder as he laved her sex from perineum to the curls of her pubis, then back down again.
    Few things on earth were better than licking the pussy of your submissive as she writhed in orgasm, forced over that precipice at your command, surrendering everything to your control, to your will.
    Finally, she calmed, her moans incoherent murmurs, her body now limp, spent. He kissed the sodden curls of her mound, then stood, leaning over her, watching her as she came back to earth. Finally, she opened her eyes, at first looking dazed. Then she focused on him, her eyes tear bright, her lips forming into a trembling O.
    “Oh, my God, Dane!” She inhaled deeply, the quivering of her soft pale breasts making his aching cock throb again. “What did we—what did we do?”
    He bent close, pressing a quick kiss to each of her hard, pink nipples, then grinned.
    “Exactly what we both wanted to, Amity.”

Chapter Eight
    Amity had been thinking about that night constantly for the entire week. He’d kept his distance, seeming to avoid her more than usual. For her part, she used the distraction of work, of needy clients or demanding administrative tasks to keep her mind elsewhere.
    At night though, in the quiet of the dark, a storm of thoughts, of emotions, assailed her. What did it all mean? How could she have let him do that to her? Why didn’t she walk, just leave the entire situation? Did he really want her? It was so wrong, so twisted; she knew it was insane, could only ever end in heartache, maybe even disaster.
    It was just a job. Why go through all of this, take these risks?
    Because you want a lot more of whatever the fuck this is.
    It was the truth. Maybe it had been the whole time. Maybe that quiet little voice she seemed to make sport out of ignoring had been telling her all along. Warning her? Or was that voice tempting her, tantalizing her with the possibilities of what might be, of what she might discover if she’d only take the chance?
    A full week went by since her ‘exam’—the most embarrassing, wrong, erotic exam her mind could ever have conceived of. She had to purposely not think of it while at work, because every time she did, she found herself staring off, her mind back in that room again, her nipples steel-hard points, her panties soaked.
    Now it was Friday—and she’d noticed things seemed to be going down more often on Friday. She wondered if he did it on purpose to fuck with her social life. She hadn’t been out with Kaitlyn in over a week, which was some sort of personal record. It was certainly easier on her bank account (and her liver).
    Then she felt something, the hair on the back of her neck raising. She glanced toward Exam and almost jumped out of her chair, holding her hand to her face with a yelp.
    “How do you do that?”
    Dane inclined his head, grinning. “They

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