The Dark Gate

The Dark Gate by Pamela Palmer

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Authors: Pamela Palmer
clenched his jaw. “Turn off the damned intercom and keep everyone away from the door.”
    His captain gave him a hard look.
    â€œI mean it, Captain. The bastard’s more dangerous than anyone we’ve ever had in here.”
    â€œHe looks like a pansy.”
    â€œHe’d deadly. He has abilities…he shouldn’t have. Keep everyone away.”
    Greg met his gaze, then slowly nodded and handed him a stack of notes. “Some guy by the name of Harrison Rand has been trying to reach you all day. Says he wants to know what in the hell happened to his daughter at the Kennedy Center.”
    Jack sighed and took the messages. He tried to call the guy on the way home, but had to leave a message telling him to meet him at the station at ten tomorrow morning. As Jack crawled into bed, he glanced at the clock. He had twelve hours before he faced the father of that little girl. And he intended to spend every second of it sleeping.
    Jack almost didn’t hear the phone.
    His eyes felt like sandpaper as he squinted at the clock. Ten thirty p.m. Thirty minutes of sleep.
    Exhaustion pulled at him but the phone wouldn’t quit its incessant ringing. He grabbed for it, then forced his bleary gaze to focus on the Caller ID. Hank. Hell. Something had already gone wrong.
    He flipped open the phone. “What’s up?”
    â€œI’m sorry, man.”
    Jack collapsed into his pillow in a tired heap. “What’s happened?”
    â€œI’ve got to kill you, man.”
    He blinked, trying to clear his head. “Hank, are you drunk?”
    â€œYou’ve done a terrible thing, Jack. I’ve got to kill you.”
    I’m going to kill you, Sitheen. The words knifed through his memory and he sat up, suddenly wide awake. “Who told you to kill me, buddy?”
    â€œThere’s an APB out on you, man. We’ve been ordered to kill you. I shouldn’t be telling you. We’re coming for you now. But you’re like a brother to me. Like the white brother I never had.”
    â€œHank…” But his partner of ten years, and best friend, had hung up.
    Jack stared at the phone. I’m going to kill you, Sitheen. No, the devil was sending Jack’s men to do the deed.
    Son of a bitch.

Chapter 7
    C ar breaks screeched to a stop in front of his house. Multiple cars. Police cruisers. Jack ran for the window, propelled by a surge of pure adrenalin. That white bastard, Baleris, was behind this, which meant Jack didn’t stand a chance of reasoning with these men.
    As he opened the back window, a volley of gunfire shattered the front. Damn. They hadn’t called for him to give himself up. They hadn’t given him any warning at all. We’ve been ordered to kill you, Henry had said. And that’s exactly what they were going to do. Unless he got out of here, fast.
    Jack leaped out the window and tore across the small fenced yard in nothing but his boxer shorts. As he dashed through the high gate, he heard the sound of gunfire move into his apartment. If he were a sound sleeper, he’d be dead.
    But as he ran down the dark alley, it was fear for Larsen that twisted his gut. If she was still in hiding, she might be safe. But what if she’d gone home? Baleris knew where she lived. He’d already sent his minions after her once.
    Now the evil thing had the cops under his control, and he wanted them both dead. If Jack didn’t find a way to warn her, it would be Larsen who would die.
    She ought to be celebrating. The nightmare was over, the villain caught, the dad and his two kids saved from a terrible death. But as Larsen stood, barefoot, in front of the microwave oven in her houseboat, waiting for the water to heat for a cup of tea, the pulsing, aching knots that twisted her stomach only seemed to worsen.
    She pressed her fist against her abdomen and the soft knit shortie pajamas she’d donned for bed. A day and a half since the incident at

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