The Blue Diamond (The Razor's Edge Book 1)

The Blue Diamond (The Razor's Edge Book 1) by P.S. Bartlett

Book: The Blue Diamond (The Razor's Edge Book 1) by P.S. Bartlett Read Free Book Online
Authors: P.S. Bartlett
tried and found guilty?”
    “Women aren’t often hanged,
but she could be facing a long jail sentence. If she pleads for leniency and
swears she was forced, or coerced, into this life by a man, she might get a
lesser sentence.   But, I just don’t see
Ivory doing such a thing.”
    “Not even to save her own
    Cass looked up from lacing
her boot, and Miranda knew immediately what the answer was. “It feels as if we
have the wind. We’ll be home in no time, and together I know we can, once and
for all, put that demon and his ship out of commission. For good.”
    * * * *
    Keara had stood watch on the
deck of their beach house since dawn, surveying the horizon for the sloop.
She’d spent the entire night before going over charts with Roberts, as well as
finishing off a bottle of rum and playing chess until she thought her eyes
would bleed. After beating Roberts at every match, he gave up and threw the
board across the floor. He then decided their time was better spent naked in
her bed and tossed her over his shoulder.
    Keara was mum when it came
to her affair with Roberts, but one of the other women was wise to them from
the start. Cass made it her business to know all the going’s on in their little
community and picked up on the smoke from their sparks before the fire even
caught. However, having the whole night together and not having to steal away
to his tent in the dark was a welcome treat, despite the terrible circumstance
which left them to it.
    “Ke, we might as well have
breakfast,” Roberts whispered as he walked up behind her and leaned over her
    “I suppose you’re right.
Where are they, James? They should have been here by now.”
    “Let’s eat, and by the time
we’re through and I’ve had my way with you again, I’ll be willing to bet they’ll
be within eye sight.”
    It took her a moment to
catch on to what he’d said, and once she did, she slammed the spyglass closed
and wacked him hard on the backside with it as they turned and walked back into
the house. “Way with me indeed!” She laughed. “James, I’ll get breakfast ready,
and when we’re through, I’ll need you to gather a crew. I have a feeling we’re
going to have a fight on our hands.”
    “What makes you think that?”
he asked, pulling on his boots.
    “Cass has believed since we
found out about the Blue Diamond being sacked, as well as from crew reports, that it was Blacksnake’s work.
Lucky bastards, that bunch. If that fishing boat hadn’t come upon them, we’d
still be wondering what happened to the Diamond.” Keara paced back and forth
across the room, pondering something, which always made James uneasy. “I can
trust you, James, can’t I?”
    “Of course you can, you
crazy woman. Is there anyone else on this bloody island who knows we’ve been
sleeping together for almost two years?”
    “What’s that supposed to
    “God knows I love you, Ke,
but sometimes I wonder where you left your head,” he laughed, pulling her into
his lap. “If I haven’t told a soul about us because you’ve asked me not to,
don’t you think that’s a good enough reason to trust me?”
    Keara sat up in his lap and
rose to her feet. “Wait here,” she said, rushing over and throwing the bolt on
the front door and then securing the back as well. “Check the windows and make
good and sure no one is lurking.” As James followed her orders, she disappeared
into the bedroom.   A few minutes later,
she emerged with a brown sack, tied closed at the top with a golden rope. “Are
you sure we’re alone?”
    “Yes, yes, Ke, we are
completely alone. Now, what is all of this about?” James stood and walked
towards her as she sat the bag down on the kitchen table and pulled loose the
    “When Ivory took that
ship—you know the one she…”
    “I know…” he sighed and
rolled his eyes.
    “James, you don’t
understand. This is serious.” Keara tilted the opening of the bag forward and
gently began

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