The Barbarian Prince

The Barbarian Prince by The Barbarian prince

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Authors: The Barbarian prince
bathroom. Even in his anger at her blatant disregard for his home and his property, his nostrils flared in anticipation. The noise that left his throat when he stalked across the floor sounded more like the beginning roar of a lion than the voice of a man.
    Coming into the bathroom, Ualan paused, disappointed. She wasn’t in the hot springs like he had expected, but sat on the stone edge dipping her feet into the bubbling water.
    It looked as if she had been there for some time by the way the strands of her hair plastered to her forehead and neck in little trails. Her cheeks were flushed to a slight red. She still wore the outfit of the maid, which he had leisurely, and to his greatest masculine pleasure, dressed her in while she was out.
    Kicking her feet in the water, she angled her head as if she hadn’t a care in the world. Ualan put his hands on his hips, his eyebrows raising high on his face in displeasure. Clearing his throat, he startled her on purpose.
    Morrigan jumped, spinning around to look at him. She smiled sheepishly, her eyes taking in his hard expression. She would have had to be a fool to miss the anger seeping in his gaze. She trembled and was almost sorry she had destroyed his home. Almost.
    "This is a pretty swank pad you got here, caveman," she smiled sweetly. Ualan’s eyes narrowed in warning.
    "It was," he growled with meaning. Morrigan took her time stepping out of the tub. She wanted to believe she acted like she wasn’t bothered by him, but in truth her limbs couldn’t work any faster. Her heart stuck in her throat. Man, but he was a fine barbaric specimen.
    "So are you rich or what, caveman?" she asked, blinking with her wide innocent eyes.
    "Why does this matter?" Ualan grumbled. She had looked at him like that once before. He would not be taken in by it again.
    "I want to know what I’ll be leaving behind when I go," Morrigan purred, stepping onto a towel she had placed on the cold marble floor to soak the water from her feet. Carefully, she began placing her feet into his slippers. They were overlarge but warm and made of fur on the top. She pushed a strand of sticky hair from her head and waved her fingers before her face. "Whew, that thing is better than a spa treatment on Quazer."
    "You aren’t going anywhere, wife. You’re staying right here where you belong."
    "All right, caveman, calm down," she soothed. Her eyes flashed anger, but she held back. "But you don’t know what you are getting yourself into."
    "Do you accept my authority?"
    "No," Morrigan snorted, hands on hips. "So, how much money do you have? I have a shopping spree in mind. I want to buy every frivolous thing I can get my hands on. Starting with a food simulator."
    "I will provide for you. That is what you need to know," he said in distaste over her rudeness. Money was not a woman’s concern.
    "Hmm, so that would be no on the money then. Too bad, I need a loan to get me back to Earth if you don’t have access to a bank base. Besides, you’re not much of a catch with no dowry, are you, caveman?" she smirked. She couldn’t resist calling him that. It seemed to irritate him so much. "So, what do you do for a living anyway, oh mighty poor one?"
    "Quiet," Ualan ordered with a slice of his hand. He was distracted. It seemed the steam had also moistened the front of her maid’s uniform to her body and her nipples were beginning to bud. If he just reached out and….
    "What? You don’t have a job?" she inquired, mocking him. His eyes darted up from her chest to stare at her in warning. "Don’t tell me we live with your parents, ugh. No wonder you don’t want to let me leave. You’re not much of a catch at all."
    "Enough," Ualan commanded with a growl. He let her think what she wanted. "You make my head spin, woman."
    She shrugged her wide eyes seeming to say, sorry.
    He wasn’t fooled.
    "Did you tell Mirox you were a slave?" he asked with a frown. She tried to slide past him in his slippers, but he blocked her

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