Take a Risk (Risk #1)

Take a Risk (Risk #1) by Scarlett Finn

Book: Take a Risk (Risk #1) by Scarlett Finn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Scarlett Finn
    ‘Can we keep this between us?’ Lyssa asked. ‘Just for now, until I see how things go.’
    ‘If you want,’ Suzette said. Lyssa went to pour wine for them. ‘So tell me about him, when can I meet him?’
    ‘One step at a time. Let’s not rush him.’
    ‘You do know just how to make a guy last,’ Suzette smirked. ‘You’re fully trained.’
    The women laughed and the men came in. ‘What’s so funny?’ Keith asked.
    ‘How long until dinner?’ Pete asked.
    ‘Everyone take a seat and I’ll serve,’ Lyssa said, sharing a smile with Suzette.
    Since they were all here, and there was food, it made sense to be social. The wedding required them all to spend time together and Lyssa had no objection to forging a friendship because with the union of Pete and Suzette they’d all be a part of each other’s lives for a long time. So for tonight she’d be civil, but she’d make it clear there was no scope for anything more intimate between her and Keith.
    The night had to be drawing to a close. Conversation around the dinner table had been pleasant but benign. The food hadn’t been spectacular but it had been edible, which offered a reprieve for her. Night was all around them. She and Suzette had finished a bottle of wine. Pete was driving so he’d stopped drinking after his first beer and Keith had moved onto the Scotch.
    ‘Only a few short weeks,’ Suzette said, patting Pete’s thigh.
    Frequently, talk returned to the wedding, which made sense because it was something they all had in common.
    ‘Plenty of time to plan your escape,’ Keith said to Pete who laughed.
    ‘Not a chance, this is it for me,’ Pete said, lifting his arm around Suzette who pressed a loud kiss to his cheek.
    An echoing crash startled them all, glass had shattered and a thud followed, bringing them all to their feet.
    ‘What was that?’ Pete asked.
    ‘A window broke,’ Keith said. ‘Sounded like it came from downstairs.’
    The men started out toward the hallway, Lyssa moved to follow, but Suzette seized her. ‘Let them check it out.’
    ‘I want to know what it was.’
    ‘If he’s down there—‘
    ‘You think that the stalker who has been keeping his distance so far has suddenly crashed through the window?’ Lyssa asked. ‘This is my problem, I have to see it.’
    Tugging her arm free, she ran on the route the men had used with Suzette beating a path behind her. In the waiting room, at the back of her property, beyond her office, Keith stood at the broken pane which had splintered glass over the grey fabric couch at the rear of the room. Pete was in the centre of the room holding a brick.
    ‘This was no accident,’ Keith said, peering into the darkness of her yard. ‘Whoever did this couldn’t have done it from the park. He had to be in your garden.’
    Pete stalked toward Suzette shaking the concrete block, which was not much bigger than his fist. ‘This is what’s going on? You’re here when this kind of shit is going on?’
    ‘He’s never done this before,’ Suzette said.
    ‘Who are you talking about?’ Keith asked. Suzette came away from the men to Lyssa’s side.
    ‘You have to call the cops,’ Suzette said. ‘This is a violent act. It’s vandalism.’
    Lyssa nodded because Suzette was right, though she didn’t relish the idea of giving a statement when they’d all had a few to drink and it was so late, and she had a Risqué shift tomorrow after a day of patients. But there was no excuse not to alert the authorities about this.
    ‘We’re going home,’ Pete said, tossing the brick behind him and grabbing Suzette’s arm.
    ‘No, we can’t go.’ Suzette pulled back. ‘We have to stay and support Lyssa.’
    ‘The police will need statements,’ Keith said and Pete resolved himself with a sigh.
    ‘Fine,’ he said. ‘Where’s the phone?’
    ‘I’ll do it,’ Lyssa said. ‘I’m sort of old hat at this now.’
    The adrenaline had worn off by the time the

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