Sweet Little Lies

Sweet Little Lies by Michele Grant

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Authors: Michele Grant
conversational thread. Hanging up, I could finally get down to the business of the day. I turned on the TV to see how Tracey was doing on the desk. Prayerfully, it was a slow news morning and we could fill with pretaped human interest stories.Valiant News Network came across as a lighter, friendlier channel. Somewhere in between a HLN and a full-on CNN. Our major stories broke from the New York office, but we handled just about everything else here in San Francisco, with the exception of the team we had in Los Angeles. So while we kept a live anchor on desk, we repeated major stories throughout the day. Since I wore so many hats, this allowedmy associate news director to stay on breaking news while I dealt with station business.
    I was reviewing the pitches for upcoming stories when the phone buzzed again.“Yes, Diane?”
    “Carey’s on her way back and Jeri’s on line three.”
    “Send her back, and thanks.” Digging through the piles on my desk to get to the folder holding the information I thought Jeri would want to talk about, I pushed the blinking red button by line three.“Hey, Jeri.”
    “Have you seen these costs from Lisa?” Jeri’s voice was screechy and she rarely did screechy. I quickly scanned my e-mail to see if Lisa had copied me on the e-mail. Nope.
    “Jeri, she forgot to copy me on the e-mail.” I wasn’t one to throw a colleague (no matter how trifling) under the bus.
    “You mean she went around you, thinking she’d get more if she sent it to all of us and left you out of the loop.”
    Diplomatically, I said nothing. Jeri continued her rant. A movement in the doorway caught my attention and I looked up to see Carey standing just outside the door. She was in a travel-ready outfit of black pants, white shirt, and suede jacket. Seeing her dialed up the happy in my life exponentially. I waved her in and pressed MUTE. “You’re just in time. Lisa drama. Jeri on the warpath.”
    “So nothing’s changed but the time zone.” Carey gave me a quick hug before settling in a chair in front of the desk.
    “I’m sending this to you and Carey now, and I want you to make it clear to Lisa that there is a reason we have a chain of command here and we are not made of money!”
    Carey and I exchanged looks. When Jeri’s feathers were ruffled, that could only mean bad things. I took the phone off mute.“Uh—are you all right?”
    “Things are just a little tense.We’re losing some advertisers because of our coverage of Congressman Walker—do you have any leads yet?”
    “I do. I’m checking out a source tomorrow morning at Bayside U. I’m hoping to get some background on the original project and an idea of the congressman’s involvement.”
    She gave an audible sigh of relief.“Okay. Christina?”
    “We need this one. Go get it.”
    “Done.” No pressure or anything.
    “Did Carey make it in yet?”
    Carey leaned forward.“Hey, Jeri.”
    “Hey. Listen—I hate to throw you in the deep end, but I need you to take everything off Christina’s plate except her morning on-air news recap, this story, and budget approvals.”
    “Done.” Carey raised a brow. This was way beyond what was discussed when Carey decided to come West. I shrugged; I had no idea what was going on.
    “Of course we’ll compensate accordingly. Christina, I’ll e-mail you her transfer letter with the salary bump. I gotta run. You girls make it happen.” Just that abruptly, she hung up.
    Carey and I listened to the dial tone for a second before she hopped up and came around behind my desk. “Well, let’s look at the raise. Looks like I’m going to earn every penny.”
    Laughing, I scrolled through to find the e-mail and opened the attachment. We both looked at the number and then at each other.
    “Well, that’s a whole lot of work they’re expecting from me, huh? To whom much is given, much is expected. I guess dinner’s on me tonight?!” She whirled and did a little happy dance.

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