Sweet Hell on Fire

Sweet Hell on Fire by Sara Lunsford

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Authors: Sara Lunsford
at the mouth and being a general pain in my ass. I couldn’t make it any clearer to him that I wasn’t his alarm clock and I wasn’t going to be. He said he was going to tie a string to his toe next time so I could pull it and wake him up.
    Then he said he wanted us to practice. He hadn’t heard all of my 534 versions of no, so I finally said that yes, on my next time around the tier we could practice.
    So when I came back around, he’d positioned himself the other way on his bunk, facing the door. He had his blankets pulled up to his chin. (Remember, it was still like ninety to a hundred degrees inside.) A length of some nylon thread, like fishing line, hung out of his cell.
    I just knew he’d tied it to his dick. I don’t know how I knew, but I did.
    “Are you ready to practice?” he asked me with a big grin. “Just tug it a little.”
    If I could have rolled my eyes any harder, they might have fallen out of my face. I decided to give him a chance not to be a dumbass. “I don’t think we need to practice because I’m not going to pull that string to wake you up for a shower. You’re a grown man.”
    “No, we have to practice. You said you would.”
    I had at that. I’d said we’d practice because I wanted him to shut the fuck up. I always did what I said I’d do. Always.
    “It’s not too late to change your mind. I’m too busy to worry about gentle tugs.”
    He laughed. “But, Sarge, you’re a woman. How hard could it be?”
    “Okay, well, are you sure it’s tied to your toe?”
    He nodded enthusiastically. So I gathered the length in my fist. “Are you ready?” He nodded some more.
    I jerked that thing so hard it snapped. As I suspected, he’d tied the string to his dick.
    I’ve never heard such a sound come out of a man before or since. Or seen someone fly the way he flew through the air. It was like his bunk was a toaster and he was a Pop-Tart for all of one second that seemed to last minutes.
    Then he was on the floor naked and writhing.
    “Was that good? Would that wake you up?” When he didn’t answer, I spoke again. “What’s wrong? Do you need to go to the clinic?”
    “No, ma’am,” he choked out.
    Asshole. Maybe he’d think twice about inflicting his dick and dumbassery on the next officer. I went about my business of searching cells.
    I’d thought I already had my excitement for the day, but I wasn’t so lucky. I was flipping through an inmate’s address book when I found an address and a phone number I recognized. It belonged to the clinic secretary.
    Now, I knew there were ways for anyone to get this information. The fact that he had it didn’t necessarily mean she’d given it to him, but it was something I had to report. If not for her safety, then for the rest of the staff.
    I confiscated the address book as evidence.
    I didn’t want to think she was dirty, but a gnawing hole in my gut said she was.
    And I hadn’t been wrong yet.
    This guy was a real piece of shit too. He had something like fourteen counts of child molestation and kidnapping. He’d been pimping girls under the age of fourteen. I believe he was an enforcer for the Bloods.
    He later ended up convincing a female officer to have a relationship with him. She was in my training class and I can’t say I was surprised. I didn’t like her from day one. There was something false about her, this faux piety. Her kids went to school with mine and I had to tell them they couldn’t be friends with her son.
    Not only because we’d ejected her from our world, but having a relationship with someone in your care like that is a sex crime. Of course, then there’s the part where she had gotten him a lawyer and was trying to get his sentence reduced and wanted him to come live with her and her children. If she’d wantonly and actively seek to bring that into her home, what else had her poor children been exposed to?
    There was a little justice in the world though. This inmate had priapism, meaning he’d

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