Survival Run

Survival Run by Franklin W. Dixon

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Authors: Franklin W. Dixon
Stavrogin until Krinski verifies his equations. Then we can dispose of the old man."
    Frank stared at the pilot. "You mean, kill him?"
    The Assassin met Frank's gaze with his cold, unblinking eyes. "Exactly. And you will be his executioner."

Chapter 15
    Frank had seen this coming. He'd known he would have to prove himself to the Assassins. These guys were killers. If you wanted to join the group, you had to be a killer, too. So telling him to kill Dr. Stavrogin would be a simple, logical test in the twisted minds of the terrorists.
    Before the two Assassins, Bob and Boris, reached the lava tube that led out of the cave' Frank's brain was working overtime. From what Bob had said, Stavrogin might have already divulged the formula that the terrorists had been trying to pry out of him. But with luck the Hardys might be able to save the physicist and stop the Assassins before they could use the information to build a hydrogen bomb.
    A plan was forming in Frank's mind.
    As soon as Bob and Boris were out of sight, Frank turned to his brother. "We have to work fast," he said in an urgent whisper. "The first thing we have to do is find out what Stavrogin told the Assassins."
    They went into the tent and found the physicist sleeping fitfully on a cot. Joe woke him gently and introduced him to Frank.
    "We're going to get you out of here," Frank told Stavrogin.
    "It's too late," the physicist said glumly. "They know everything now. Somehow, they found out that I have a sister in Russia, and they even know where she lives. When they discovered that the equations I had given them were worthless, they threatened to kill her if I didn't give them the real formula."
    He shook his head wearily. "I was so tired. They didn't let me sleep for days." He looked up at the Hardys with great pain. "What have I done?"
    "You did what you had to do," Frank said softly. "Do you know anything about somebody named Krinski?"
    "I only know that he is some kind of scientist and that he knows enough about my work to detect faulty equations," Stavrogin replied. "I gather that he is working with the Assassins."
    "Is he here, somewhere in this complex of tunnels and caves?" Frank asked.
    "I don't think so," Stavrogin said. "Several times I overheard them talking about sending the equations to him. I got the impression that he wasn't even in Alaska."
    That complicated the situation but simplified the options from Frank's point of view. If Stavrogin's formula hadn't gone beyond the secret mountain base, the Hardys could activate the hidden transmitter and bring a small army of Network agents down on the Assassins' lair. If Stavrogin was right, though, then the critical information was already in the hands of terrorists in an unknown location. A Network strike now might only spur them to double their efforts and produce a bomb on a much shorter timetable.
    The plan that had been cooking in Frank's brain since he found out he was to be Stavrogin's executioner was definitely starting to look like the only real option available. He could see that the physicist was a little on the old side, and more than a little worn down by his ordeal. Frank just needed the right props to pull it off.
    "This may sound a bit weird," Frank said to the physicist, "but do you have any experience with hang gliders or parachutes or anything like that?"
    Stavrogin's face brightened a little. "I was a paratrooper in the Russian army. I haven't jumped in years, but I'm still in good shape. I jog three miles a day when I'm home."
    "That's good," Frank said, "because you're going to need all your strength and parachute training for this to work."
    Joe stared at his brother. "What's the plan?"
    "You stay here with Dr. Stavrogin," Frank said. "We're supposed to be guarding him, so stand outside and look like a guard."
    "And what are you going to do?" Joe asked.
    "Find a hang glider," Frank answered.
    "Gee, that might be a little tough," Joe remarked. "The nearest store that carries hang gliders is

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