Suprise by Jill Gates

Book: Suprise by Jill Gates Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jill Gates
Chapter One

    The drunken co-ed leaned heavily over the bar, her ample chest almost pressed into the seated woman's face. Her pretty, tanned skin flushed slightly, while her blue eyes widened in surprise. "Do you mind?"  
    Swaying, the young woman frowned, as if noticing how awkward her reach had been. "Sorry," she slurred, "I was trying to get my drink."  
    Making a shooing motion, Vanessa pulled up her dress, the tight fitting tube showing off her frame and cleavage to good effect. "Let me give it to you," she said after straightening. Even though the gesture was self-conscious, when the seated woman tugged up her dress, a dozen people nearby swiveled their heads to take a look. Her frame, outlined immaculately in the tight fitting dress, was the kind to turn heads and catch wondering eyes.
    Including the tipsy young co-ed. Her brunette hair was pulled back over her shoulder in a simple pony tail, which she tugged as she straightened, eyes wide and eyeing the blonde woman's incredible physique. "I've been drinking," she muttered, voice pitched low, "But I think I'd like that."
    With the rum and coke held carefully in her hands, the blonde woman paused, holding it out and tilting her head to the side. Her hair was bound up in a french twist, held in place by decorative chopsticks. "I'm Vanessa," she said, handing the drink to the younger woman. "What did you mean by that?"
    Taking the drink, the younger woman drained half the glass and then squeezed in between the footstools, her legs brushing up against the seated woman. Vanessa shivered, the younger woman's jean clad thighs pressing closer than was decent. Flushed slightly, she reached out, past the younger woman, and grabbed the arm of the nearest steak-head. "Excuse me!"
    Muscle brain turned, grinning when he saw Vanessa's outfit, and then his white teeth popped even more when he saw the young co-ed practically standing in between her bare knees. "Can I buy you a drink?" Smooth, baritone and confident, his voice matched his hair and polo shirt, replete with popped collar.  
    "You can give my friend your stool," Vanessa quipped, her blue eyes flashing. "Is chivalry dead or something?"
    "Sure," muscle brain replied, his tanned cheeks flushing slightly. "Anything you need, ladies," he said, looking to the side, his eyes widening at the sight of the younger woman. She stood, pony hair tied back over her shoulder, ample breasts sticking out from a plain, low cut black shirt. "Can I buy you the next round?" Pausing, he made a show of flexing his biceps as he stepped back from the bar. Any other evening, Vanessa would have been interested in taking advantage of him, maybe even more than once.  
    "Listen," Vanessa said, her girlish voice sounding flat above the cacophony of the dive bar. "I'd love another round." She turned to the bar tender, looked at the younger woman, and said, "Two captain and coke zeros," her thumb jerked in the direction of popped color guy, "On his tab."
    "However," Vanessa continued, "Do you think you'd mind terribly letting us have some private girl talk for a bit?" She batted her long lashes and him and winked. "After another round or two, I'd love to get to know you."
    Grinning like a fool, the steak-head nodded and threw his card down on the bar. "Whatever the ladies want," he said. "I'll be back in a bit." Nodding to his friends, Vanessa caught something about pool before he was out of earshot.  
    "Have a seat," Vanessa said, despite the heat between her legs from where the girl's thighs touched her. "I'm already attracting a ton of attention," she paused, looking meaningfully at the younger woman's tight jeans and form fitting shirt, "Without also driving every man's mind in the place to their dirtiest fantasies."
    "Sorry," the co-ed replied, sliding into the vacant stool. "I'm Sophia, thanks for the drink."
    Vanessa looked closer at her face, the liquid brown eyes, and her lightly freckled nose. "Are you here alone?"
    "No, I have friends

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