Sunset in Silvana (Da'ark Nocturne Book 1)

Sunset in Silvana (Da'ark Nocturne Book 1) by Paul Sims, Robert Warr

Book: Sunset in Silvana (Da'ark Nocturne Book 1) by Paul Sims, Robert Warr Read Free Book Online
Authors: Paul Sims, Robert Warr
you can go back to keeping a low profile – but try not to snore so loudly.”
    The young man blushed and muttered, “No – that is, yes, Comrade Hero.  Thank you, Comrade Hero.”
    As they walked on, Bartes said, “I didn’t hear any snoring.”
    “Neither did I,” RD replied, “but I know that sort of soldier – I was one once.”  He gave a wolf-like grin.  “I’ll bet he needs a change of underwear now.”
    They walked on for a few hundred yards, then it was their turn to be surprised when another soldier stepped out in front of them from behind a tree, his gun raised.  “You’ll have to turn back, Comrades – this is the limit of our protection,” he said.
    “Of course, Comrade Sergeant.  It’s good to see that you know what you’re doing at least - the troops manning the inner cordon seemed to be handpicked for idiocy.”
    “Did you spot that sergeant?” Bartes asked RD as they headed back to the dacha.
    “No,” RD replied. “It seems that some, at least, of our guardians – or, perhaps, our jailers – know what they’re doing.”

Chapter 11
    As the others walked off into the woods, Tanya sat down next to Anna and put her arm round the girl’s shaking shoulders.
    “Oh, my poor Anna,” she said.
    “Who?”  Anoushka/Anna’s momentarily puzzled expression gave way as her eyes widened.  After some moments she swallowed.  “Yes, that is my name, isn’t it?  I’m Anna Lawrence – and your name’s Tanya Miller.  It’s all coming back to me now.”
    Tanya let her think for a while.  “It’s all rather a shock, isn’t it.”
    “Y-yes.”  Anna looked up into Tanya’s face and sighed.  “You and the others can cope with this – they’re military, and although you’re a doctor, you’re with Mercy, but I’m just a s-secretary, and I don’t know how to deal with being brainwashed, and with - with people trying to kill us.  How do you manage to be so calm about it all?”
    A shiver ran down Tanya’s spine and she sadly shook her head.  “I’m not – not on the inside, anyway – I’ve just learnt to act as though I am.  If I ever grew indifferent to the danger, the pain and the suffering, I’d be no better than a robot – or, more likely, I’d be dead.  Whatever happens, whether I want to scream, or cry, or roll up into a ball and hide, I have to keep my emotions under control and do what I can to deal with the situation.”
    “But what are we going to do?” Anna asked, her despair showing in her voice.
    Tanya held her and stroked her hair gently.  “We’re going to go home, Anna.  Somehow, I swear, I’ll get you back to Regni.  And we’re going to deal with the bastards who did this to us – to you.  For the rest of us such things go with the territory, but not for you – or young Joseph.  I don’t know who caught you up in this, but I promise you I’ll find out – and they’ll pay, whoever they are.  Now dry your eyes, and let’s prepare some lunch.”
    Anna set to concocting a salad as Tanya poured her another coffee – and added a tot of vodka.  “Drink this – it’ll make you feel better.”
    Anna sipped the hot drink and gave a tentative smile.  “Thank you, Tanya.  You always know just how to lift my spirits.”
    Tanya laughed.  “You just drink that spirit.  Anyway, I feel the same way about you – and I’m not sure your good opinion of me is really justified.  I don’t remember much of my life before all this, but I have a feeling I’m not as nice a person as you seem to think.  And call me Talia for the moment – we can’t be certain when we’re being overheard, and we don’t want to be reprogrammed.”
    “So that’s why you turned on the tap when we came in: to cover up our conversation.”
    “It’s an old trick, but it works.  We can only talk freely if we know no-one can hear what we’re saying.”  Tanya scanned the kitchen.  “The only microphone I can see is in the far corner, behind the

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