Star Crossed

Star Crossed by Emma Holly

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Authors: Emma Holly
Tags: Contemporary Romance
get this at home. Best not to be accessible to any nut with an anthrax lab.
    What bugged her was the glaring blank beside who might wish him harm. Sure, Luke was charming, but who had no enemies? No human, in her experience. Admittedly, A.J.’s perspective was cynical, but even Luke ought to know better. As fortunate as he’d been, he couldn’t imagine being resented?
    “Lamb,” she muttered.
    She felt a worry she didn’t usually experience in these situations. No matter how this turned out—whether Luke’s enemy was someone he knew or a stranger—Hoyt-Sands’ investigation would dig up information he’d be more comfortable not knowing. Lies would be unearthed, petty betrayals, maybe big ones too. Chances were, the farm boy’s rose-colored glasses would be crunched underfoot. He’d never feel as blithe about being safe or loved again.
    Her breath came out on a lengthy sigh. Surprisingly, if she could have, she’d have shielded his innocence.

    EVERYTHING considered, Luke decided last night had been two steps forward, one step back. He’d confirmed A.J. was attracted to him, though better at resisting their chemistry than he could be thankful for.
    She’d also—reluctantly—given him a reason for her long-ago failure to return his calls. He guessed he could understand it. Unfortunately, it underscored the fact that she didn’t consider their encounter as important destiny-wise as him. He was just a guy she’d left behind, maybe a memorable guy, but not anything more than that. That was the step-back part, of course.
    He reminded himself one step forward was better than nothing.
    By the time the Hoyt-Sands driver arrived to take them to the airport, Luke had talked himself into a buoyant mood. Maybe too buoyant. Both A.J. and Szymanski seemed to find his cheeriness surprising.
    “You’d think he didn’t mind getting shot at,” Luke heard the male guard murmur.
    Szymanski sat up front beside the driver, while A.J. slipped into the limo’s back with him. Luke liked that too, though his positive disposition did take a tiny hit when A.J. took advantage of the quiet to call her work bestie. From the sound of it, Martin Sands would be accompanying them to Los Angeles. Another bodyguard had replaced him with Naomi, because Martin was A.J.’s preferred second in command.
    “He has aviation experience,” she informed Luke after she hung up. “He’ll talk to your crew and they’ll check over the jet together before we board.”
    “Great,” Luke said, possibly not as convincingly as he wished. “I suppose he can fly the thing as well.”
    “He’s rated up to a certain size. He could pinch hit for your pilot if he had to.”
    Of course he could. He probably didn’t need anyone to protect him from threats, either. A regular Chuck Norris in the flesh. “Handy,” he said dryly.
    A.J.’s brows drew together. “Do you have a problem with Martin Sands? The guard who replaced him with Ms. Davis is topnotch too. He’ll take good care of her.”
    Luke shook off his irritation. He was being irrational. Martin was A.J.’s work colleague.
    “I’m sure he will,” he said. “Thanks for arranging that.”
    A.J. shrugged. Her go-bag hadn’t included anything exciting. Her black pants and white button shirt were identical to those she’d worn yesterday. On the bright side, she’d removed her suit jacket once she got in the car. The sight of the leather holster snugged around her shoulder was weirdly hot to him.
    For a girl, her shoulders were unusually straight, her rack small but appealing. Luke wondered if she had to do anything different to practice her quick draw. He shouldn’t have let his mind drift in that direction. The thought of her breasts—which he distinctly remembered the feel of—was giving him a slight erection.
    “My dad is overseeing Naomi’s security,” she said, seeming unaware of his reaction. “And he wouldn’t put anyone second-rate on it. I’ve worked with the

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