Son of Eden, a Paranormal Romance

Son of Eden, a Paranormal Romance by Brianna Merrill

Book: Son of Eden, a Paranormal Romance by Brianna Merrill Read Free Book Online
Authors: Brianna Merrill
behind Emily as if what he had just done was no big deal. After the violin was locked safely in its case, Emily paid for it and thanked Mr. Hunt again before leaving.
    As she and Alexander got in the cab, Emily couldn’t contain her thoughts a moment longer.
    “You never said you could play the violin.”
    “Yes, well, it has been a while since I have had one to play.” Alexander gave a sheepish smile.
    “That was so amazing what you played in there. What song was it?”
    “Nothing anyone would know. I learned it from a man I once knew. A man I once guarded.” Alexander seemed hesitant when he spoke; the first time he had acted this reserved since they had met.
    “Was he some sort of composer?” Emily was as curious as a cat. She was determined that now was her time to ask the questions.
    “No, he was a farmer. He played the violin as a hobby. He wrote that song after his wife died giving birth to their child… the baby died shortly after the mother.” Alexander went completely silent as he lowered his eyes. It was obvious that it was a memory that brought back pain.
    “ A farmer! Since when does a farmer require a bodyguard? And women and infants dying in labor, that is pretty rare nowadays. The story sounds like something from a hundred years ago.”
    “Were you close with this man?” was all Emily could come up with at the moment; her head was swimming with confusion and questions.
    “Yes, actually I was. For the first time ever, I felt a real connection with someone I guarded. I learned a lot from him.” Alexander was still gazing downward, he was holding back.
    Emily wanted to ask a million more questions but she could tell that it was beginning to cause Alexander some discomfort. Perhaps the conversation would be better in a private setting, not the back of a cab.
    “He wrote a beautiful song. I’m sorry for his loss though, that is terrible.” Emily made an end to the questions for now, but made the decision that she would invite Alexander up to her apartment. If he accepted, she would ask more questions there.
    The remainder of the ride was spent in silence. When they got out of the cab Emily didn’t allow any chance for another immediate goodbye.
    “Would you like to come up to my place?” Emily asked nervously.
    “I would love to. I think we need to talk. I’m sure you have some questions for me.”
    “ So he had sensed it after all.”
    Emily began to recite in her mind all the questions she wanted to ask him.
    When they got to her apartment she placed the violin on the kitchen counter and showed Alexander to the living room. It was spacious even for a luxury apartment, it had enough room to not only have an open sitting area but also house Emily’s grand piano. She sat down on the suede couch facing the windows that led out to the terrace. She expected Alexander to take a seat next to her or at least across from her. Instead he remained standing. Alexander seemed still as stone as he looked down at the floor. He was more serious than she had ever seen him. His behavior was beginning to make Emily very nervous. She felt panic rising in her, like this might be the moment when Alexander shattered the perfect image she had of him. It was apparent he had some disturbing news. Emily braced herself.
    “So… what do you want to talk about?” she broke the silence.
    Alexander remained quiet for another moment and then took a deep breath. “I have gone long enough without telling you details about me and my life. Naturally, you’re getting curious.” He gave a slight smile and then continued. “I know there are some things about me that are confusing… For instance the story I told you in the cab. I could see the questions on your face afterward.”
    “Am I that easy to read?” Emily joked, trying to lighten the mood.
    “Yes, but that is a different subject entirely.” Alexander was like a train, full steam ahead. No joking or light-heartedness could deter him right now. “Explaining

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