Something Magical (Witches of Hawthorne Grove Book 1)

Something Magical (Witches of Hawthorne Grove Book 1) by Leighann Dobbs, Emely Chase

Book: Something Magical (Witches of Hawthorne Grove Book 1) by Leighann Dobbs, Emely Chase Read Free Book Online
Authors: Leighann Dobbs, Emely Chase
non-debatable way to describe the change she saw in Kaylee. “I know both of you have better sense than to actually drink the nasty goop inside a glow stick, Kaylee. I get that you were teasing, and well, that's sort of what I mean.”
    Leaning forward, she peered at Kaylee, still searching for the words to clarify her thoughts. “Before he showed up it was like you had died inside, you know? You were here and you did your job, you visited with us, with family, when we finally became stern and would no longer accept your thinly disguised excuses, but—you've heard the saying the lights were on but no one was home? Well, in your case, there was a house, but no tenant. You existed, Kaylee, but you were empty inside. You weren't truly living.”
    “And now I am?”
    Settling back in her chair, Jo nodded decisively. “Now you are.”
    Kaylee shrugged, her fingers busily picking at the corner of the napkin under her cup, and looked away from the seriousness in her sister's eyes. “I didn't think I was so horrible before, Jo, but thank you for letting me know you did.”
    Jo's eyes narrowed. “Not like that, Kaylee. What you're saying isn't what I meant, and you know it. I understood what was going on with you before. We all did. Daniel really hurt you, and it was bad, and I knew the pain of his betrayal would take some time for you to get over. All I am saying now is that—finally, after four long and very dreary years of seeing you hide away and button up the wonderful, loving girl I knew you were inside—I believe you have.”
    “And you think Jordan is responsible?”
    Draining the last swallow of coffee from her mug, Jo stood. “Considering how you were before and how you are now, yes. But if you tell me it's something else, Kaylee, that there's another reason, a better explanation for the sparkle of anticipation in your eyes every time you see him, the glow of happiness that surrounds you when the two of you are together, and the almost youthful bounce in your steps when you hurry to meet him every time he shows up, I promise to try my best to believe you.”
    “Of course there's a youthful bounce in my steps, Jo. I'm hardly ancient, after all,” Kaylee grouched, glaring up at her. “But I'm not so sure Jordan has anything to do with the rest of it.”
    “You're not certain he's not , either, are you?” Jo asked. She tossed some bills and change on the table and tucked her purse under her elbow. “Maybe you should think about it. Think about those meaningless kisses you two share so often and almost indiscriminately these past few days and try to lie to yourself about how much they make you tingle to your toes.”
    Kaylee gasped at the direction into which their conversation had veered, but Jo only chuckled. “Think about how natural it feels when you melt into his embrace, Kaylee. How comfortable you are when he stands with his arms around you, and how easy it is for you to simply be with him.”
    “Oh, stop it, Jo. Next you'll be telling me I'm curious about the softness of the sheets on his bed.”
    “Are you?” A wicked smile curved her lips, and she laughed. “You don't need to take it that far, Kaylee. Unless you want to, of course. But I've seen the two of you together, and I've seen you apart, and I have to say you both practically vibrate with awareness when either of you are near the other.”
    Kaylee shook her head and started to speak, but Jo waved away her protests. “I've seen it, Kaylee, so don't bother with the denial I know is hovering on your lips. The longer you two are separated, the more whatever this thing is between you intensifies. It's like barely leashed anxiety, just waiting for the moment when you're close again to relax.”
    Kaylee ignored the blush burning her cheeks. She would not admit she'd thought about Jordan's sheets, or his bed, or his home, or anything other than the enjoyable time they'd spent together during the past few weeks. “You always were the romantic in

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