Some Women

Some Women by Emily Liebert

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Authors: Emily Liebert
was appreciative for the impromptu company. Something to distract her from dwelling on the upheaval at home and the uncomfortable task at hand.
    â€œOkay, now, be honest.” He pulled a small black velvet box from his pocket.
    â€œWhy? What are you going to do now if I don’t like it?” She smirked.
    â€œGood point. On second thought, don’t be honest. Just tell me it’s perfect.” He opened the lid, and Piper gasped at the delicate pearl bracelet with its figure-eight diamond clasp.
    â€œIt’s perfect.”
    â€œFor real?”
    â€œFor real. She’s going to love it. And if she doesn’t, I’ll take it!”
    â€œIf she doesn’t, I may not have to remortgage our home. So there’s that.”
    â€œI believe your bride has just walked in.” Piper gestured toward the door and waved at Ginny, who was already walking in their direction.
    â€œHi, Piper.” She smiled warmly. Ginny was a slight thing, barely exceeding five feet in high heels, with short, spiky brown hair and sparkling green almond-shaped eyes. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope you’re not joining us!” she chirped.
    â€œNo offense taken. That would be a little awkward, huh?”
    â€œHello, sweetheart.” Dan pulled Ginny into a tight embrace. “Ready to sit down?”
    â€œYup!” She looped her arm through his.
    â€œAre you waiting for Todd?” Dan looked around.
    â€œUm, no.”
    â€œDrinking alone?”
    â€œSomething like that.” What else could she say?
Actually, no, I’m here to trail my friend’s husband. You know, see if he’s been screwing another woman behind her back.
    â€œWell, enjoy.” He patted her on the back.
    â€œYou too! I hope you lovebirds have a fantastic night.”
    Piper swigged some more of her wine and checked her watch. It was already a quarter after eight. She smiled at an attractive woman at the other end of the bar, noticing how well put together she was in a tailored red suit, with long, sinewy legs and an elegant swanlike neck. Her thick, shiny black hair fell just below her shoulders, swishing effortlessly every time she turned her head.
Whatwould it feel like to look like her, if only for a day?
Piper wondered, and ran her fingers through her tangle of brown curls and gazed down disapprovingly at her own wrinkled black slacks and untucked white silk blouse with a coffee stain on the cuff.
    She sighed. It appeared as though Henry wasn’t coming. She rifled through her purse for her cell phone. She’d call Annabel first to tell her that their mission had been aborted. And then Todd to say she was on her way home, and to make sure that Fern didn’t fall asleep before she’d had a chance to say good night.
    â€œWelcome, Mr. Ford. It’s so nice to see you again,” Piper heard the hostess announce before looking up to find Henry standing less than ten feet away. “Your guest is waiting for you.”
    â€œThank you, Linda. I’m sorry I’m late.”
    â€œNot to worry, Mr. Ford. We always have room for you at Nellie’s.”
    He nodded, following the hostess to the other end of the bar, where the lady in the red suit greeted him with a demure smile and a chaste peck on the cheek. Then she led them to their table for two in the corner by the window.
    Piper squeezed her eyes shut, praying that what she’d just seen wasn’t leading down the path she thought it was.
    The path to Annabel’s worst nightmare.
    â€¢Â Â Â â€¢Â Â Â â€¢
    â€œHey, you.” Todd greeted her at the door, drawing her close to him.
    â€œIt’s freezing out there.” Piper stomped her boots forcefully on the floor mat. “I thought it wasn’t supposed to be this chilly until January.”
    â€œIt’s just a quick cold front passing through this week. Then we should be good for another month.” He helped her

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