Society Weddings (Corrigan & Co. Book 11)

Society Weddings (Corrigan & Co. Book 11) by Crystal Perkins

Book: Society Weddings (Corrigan & Co. Book 11) by Crystal Perkins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Crystal Perkins
    “Please do. I was told I needed to partake
in some epic phone sex with you.”
    “Blake is one lucky man. This pregnancy
seems to have made her super horny.”
    “Can you imagine what would happen if I got
pregnant? I might kill us both.”
    I’m silent for almost a full minute, because
I have imagined Ellie being pregnant with my baby. Not because we’d
probably never leave our bed for nine months, but because I just
want a kid with her. Despite the crazy stuff we’ve both been
through and done, I know we’d be great parents. I don’t want to
scare her, but at the same time I want her to know.
    “Yeah. Actually. I can imagine you being
    “Me too,” she says softly.
    “We’ll talk when I get to Chicago.
    “Love you, Hawk.”
    “Love you, Doll.”
    * * *
    I’m in Chicago, and everything is going
great. Now that I’ve calmed down about everything, it’s all going
better than I thought it would. Aiden and I have been talking
several times a day, and he’s flying in tonight. His dad will fly
in on Friday, just in time for the rehearsal dinner at my parents’
flagship pub.
    The only issue I’m having is with my
brother, Dylan. When I planned the wedding, I had no idea that he’d
suddenly become an NBA star. He’s been playing in the league for a
couple of years, but always in the background. This season he got a
chance to start, and he’s been burning up the court. He’s supposed
to fly in early Saturday morning, but he hasn’t told me what time
to have the jet ready. It’s time to try and call him again.
    “Hello, Dylan Gallagher’s phone,” a woman
says after two rings.
    “Who is this?”
    “His girlfriend.”
    “He doesn’t have a girlfriend.”
    “He does now, bitch, so you can back off and
forget about getting with him. In fact, forget this number.”
    She hung up on me. His nighttime snack just
hung up on me. Oh hell no. I tap my phone to dial him again. This
time it takes her four rings to answer.
    “Put my brother on the
phone now, bitch ,
or I swear I’ll fly out there and kick your ass.”
    “You’re his sister?”
    “Yeah, and you’re his one nighter who
should’ve been gone already. So give my brother his phone, and fuck
    “Maybe I won’t. How do I know you’re his
    Before I can rain down some hell on her,
Dylan’s on the line. “El?”
    “Since when did you let the one timers
answer your phone?”
    “I was in the shower.”
    “Alone? She was that bad?”
    He laughs. “I don’t remember, so I thought I
should be safe rather than sorry.”
    “You know you put the ‘whore’ in manwhore,
    “Tsk, tsk, little girl. You’re above the
name calling.”
    “Normally, yes. But that C U Next Tuesday
pissed me off. Is she still there?”
    “Not for long. Hold on.” He doesn’t even
bother to cover the phone as he sends her on her way. “Sorry about
that, sis.”
    “You really need to slow down. I know you’re
a big star now, but these hook-ups are going to get old.”
    “I know. I just haven’t found anyone who
interests me for more than a few minutes.”
    “You will.”
    “I hope so. I’m guessing you didn’t call to
give me love advice, so what’s up?”
    “It was sex advice, and I need to know what
time you need the jet on Saturday.”
    “Oh, yeah. I can be at the airport by six.
Wouldn’t want to be late to my baby sister’s wedding.”
    “Good thing you’re playing in NYC.”
    “It is.”
    “I love you, Dyl Pickle. Have a good game on
Friday, and I’ll see you on Saturday.”
    “Love you too, Ellie Bear. And thanks.”
    I hang up and head out to the airport to
pick up my own guy. He doesn’t know I’m picking him up, but I need
to. Phone calls are no substitute for the real thing, and I need to
have him look me in the eye, and tell me we’re okay, before I can
totally believe him.
    * * *
    “You look like

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