Smoke & Metal (New York Crime Kings Book 3)

Smoke & Metal (New York Crime Kings Book 3) by Skyla Madi

Book: Smoke & Metal (New York Crime Kings Book 3) by Skyla Madi Read Free Book Online
Authors: Skyla Madi
about to show you is disturbing.” He manages to mumble out. “And it’s absolutely uncanny.”
    Ted stops mid-way through his thick stack of papers and pushes it over to me. Skull’s face is the first I see. The black ink…the bones…the dark eyes. A shiver tears down my spine.
    “Ah, sorry,” He flicks the page and stops at a peculiar photograph. What the f—my mouth falls open as Jai snatches it out from underneath me for a closer look. His dark, blue eyes lock onto me.
    “It’s you.”

    Until Next Time
    It’s terrifying how similar the woman in the photo is to Emily. The dark hair and brown eyes—even all of the subtle freckles that start on one cheek and flow across the bridge of her nose to the other. There are subtle differences that stand out to me, like how this woman’s eyes are a little smaller and the way her nose points up at the end, but still…it’s fucking creepy.
    “Well, it’s not actually you, but holy shit she comes close.” I say.
    I toss the photo across the counter top and look at Emily. Her skin is pale—paler than normal. Her brows are furrowed and her mouth is closed and down turned at the corners.
    When she notices me watching her, she grimaces.
    “It’s kind of gross…” She says. “I mean…I look like his dead wife.”
    “Like I said,” Ted states. “He’s sick.”
    “So what do we do about Joel?” I ask. “Finding him is my top priority.”
    Ted reaches out for the carton of orange juice and pours himself a large glass. “I have a buddy in the elite task force the FBI setup to pinch Skull. I asked him to keep an ear out for any information on your brother. I’ll let you know if anything comes up." He glances down at his watch. “I’ve got a shift in a couple of hours. I gotta leave now if I’m gonna make it in time.”
    He glances around the kitchen. “Ya’ll got any spare containers?”
    “I don’t know.” Emily sighs. “This isn’t our house.”
    Ted waves his hand at her. “I didn’t hear that.”
    He scours the wide kitchen drawers and eventually finds one filled with empty Chinese take-out containers and glass jars. Grabbing the largest one he can find, he brings it back to the bench and scoops the warm breakfast foods into it. A quarter of the way, he pauses to look at us.
    “You don’t mind, do you?”
    I shake my head. “Help yourself.”
    I was done after my eggs anyway. My stomach seems to have shrunk to the size of a golf ball.
    When he’s done, he slaps the lid in place and tucks the container under his arm.
    “I’ll be in touch whenever my informant gets back to me with new information.”
    Exhaling, Kitten pushes off the bench and saunters into the sitting room. There’s a slight chance she’s mad I involved a cop…but she doesn’t know him like I do. I’m sure he’ll prove himself and win her over eventually.
    I walk Ted to the front door and he stops as he steps out onto the front porch.
    “Hey, can I be real with you for a sec?” He asks, turning abruptly to face me.
    I don’t like the stress on his face. It makes me nervous. I lean against the doorframe, but it provides no comfort.
    “You gotta ditch the girl, man. She’s gonna bring you nothing but trouble.”
    “He wants her, Stone. Badly.”
    “It’s not gonna happen, Ted. Any trouble she brings me is payback for the trouble I shoved on her in the first place. It’s because of me she’s in this mess. She wasn’t supposed to be down there.”
    He drops his frustrated stare to the brown, worn wood beneath his feet. “I just hope you know what you’re doing…”
    I don’t. I have absolutely no damn idea, but I can’t give up now. Not yet.
    “Drive safe.” I tell him, turning away. “Whenever you have new information I’ll be here waiting.”
    I step inside and close the door behind me. The wood is cold and uncomfortable against my back as I lean against it. Joel disappearing off the radar is not a good sign. I hold high

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