Slow Summer Burn: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance
    Without warning, she went in for the kill, licking her way from his neck up his jaw, until she was back at his mouth, one hand snaking its way into the waistband of his pants.
    He put his palm over the back of her hand, stopping her from going any farther.
    “We go down that path, Cam, I—I don’t know how nice I can be anymore,” he growled. “You understand what I’m saying?”
    “I don’t want nice,” she whispered. “ Please don’t be nice.” Then she leaned in and kissed him. Hard.
    And then it was as if all the floodgates opened. Val pushed her back onto the seat. Her body was as welcoming as her mouth, one leg bent up against the seat and one wrapped around his back, pressing him down, right into her. He obliged her, his hard bulge settling between her legs, one foot on the floor for some kind of purchase.
    With zero finesse, he shoved up her shirt, pulled down the cup of her bra, and wrapped his lips around a beautifully taut nipple. Her response was amazing—moaning while those hips rubbed against his in the most erotic way. He yanked down the other side of her bra and feasted, while he kept his hands busy. She was panting now, grinding her body into his. He drew her breast into his mouth for one long suck, when she stiffened and gasped.
    “Oh, my God,” she breathed.
    He glanced up. Had she just—
    “Sorry,” she whispered. Even in the dark he could see her flush.
    “Sorry? Oh, Cam!” He threw his head back and laughed. “Oh, baby, don’t be sorry.” The absurdity of nearly losing his control in the front seat of his truck—stopped only by a luscious former debutante losing hers—made him feel seventeen again, full of hormones and hubris. And he’d thought the power tools were a surprise. He got off her and pulled her up to a sitting position.
    “Lucky,” he said. “I don’t have protection with me.”
    “I do,” she said. “Inside.”
    He kissed her long, and deep. “So,” he said. “You gonna invite me in?”
    She slipped her arm around his neck. “Are you kidding?”
    They barely made it out of the truck and up to her cottage. Once inside, she pushed him against the wall to get what she wanted—his mouth on hers. He groaned her name, cupped her rear, and before she knew what was happening, he lifted her up against him, her legs wrapped around his waist.
    “Bedroom,” he managed to get out in between kisses, and she pointed the way.
    Once inside, as her legs dropped, Val pulled off her top and threw it to the floor. She kicked off her sandals as he made quick work of her pants. Within moments, his clothes were off, too—all except his boxer briefs. His body was a work of art—all corded muscle and sinew. Her gaze skittered over the impressive bulge between his legs. She’d appreciated the male form before, but never as much as this.
    “You’re beautiful,” she said, her mouth almost watering at the sight of him alone.
    “So are you,” he responded, pulling her close, the sensation of flesh upon flesh making her shudder. “God, you’re so responsive. All I have to do is touch.” He skimmed his hand down her arm and she shivered again. Then he repeated the gesture with his tongue, licking his way from her shoulder to her fingertip. This time, her shivering was uncontrollable, and her nipples hardened even further, pressing against the material of her bra.
    He covered both breasts with his hands. And then, before she could even react, he was thumbing one nipple and suckling the other, right through her bra.
    She gasped, and then, with a speed at which she could only marvel, her bra and panties were slipped from her body and she was on her bed, flat on her back, as he repeated what he’d just done, only this time with no barriers between them. He knew exactly how much to bear down and when to back off. The pressure between her legs grew until it was almost too much to handle.
    “Val, come on,” she demanded.
    “You didn’t give me a chance to show

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