Sleepover Club 2000

Sleepover Club 2000 by Angie Bates

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Authors: Angie Bates
Oops – sorry! Didn’t hurt you, did I? I didn’t see you coming round the corner.
    These snowflakes glue themselves to your eyelashes. They make everything look dead blurred. Also, don’t laugh, but I was kind of pretending I was looking through a veil. You know, a snowy white bride’s veil?
    Frankie says I’ve got weddings on the brain, since Mum and Andy announced their engagement. “That’s a joke,” I told her. “Coming from Miss Frankie ‘I’ve-got-a-new-baby-sister’ Thomas!”
    It’s true. Ever since her baby sister was born, Frankie hasn’t stopped rabbiting on about her. Mind you, she
the cutest thing. Frankie says she coos in her crib just like a sweet little pigeon!
    Look, I’m just on my way to meet Frankie and the others in the school playground. Yes, I
know it’s Sunday! It’s for a really special occasion. And I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
    Why don’t you come with me? That way I can update you on our latest, most radical sleepover yet: Sleepover 2000. (I can’t believe I’m saying that, can you?!)
    Seriously, I’m quite chilled about the millennium now. But for the first few days, I was truly spooked. I just couldn’t picture myself actually living in the year 2000. I mean, that’s practically the FUTURE!
    Don’t tell the others, OK, but when I went to bed on New Year’s Eve, I was seriously scared I’d wake up and see alien spaceships buzzing over the rooftops.
    But next morning, when I looked out of my window, there was good old Cuddington, looking disappointingly average! And gradually my millennium worries died down.
    At least, they did until I found out where Sleepover 2000 was going to be held. That’s right. MY house!
    I couldn’t
my bad luck. I mean, the first sleepover of the new millennium has got to be truly
Everyone’s going to remember it for ever and ever. And that’s a mega responsibility for anyone, right?
    Only with a mum like mine, it’s more of a mega
    Don’t get me wrong. Mum’s the best. But when she was little, she didn’t really have that many friends. So every time my mates come round, she goes right over the top trying to make them feel at home. She tries so hard, it gets me all churned up inside.
    Plus, a nice home means a lot to Mum. So she’s always in a flap in case someone spills their Coke or drops crumbs or whatever.
    Unfortunately, at New Year, Mum went just a teeny bit too far. What with the party and her engagement and everything, she was totally stressed out. Then Frankie’s mum went into labour, right in the middle of MY mum’s party!!! The thought of someone having a baby on her nice new carpet practically sent Mum into orbit.
    So you can imagine how I felt about hosting the most important sleepover in history, with Mum fluffing around us the whole time.
    I worked myself into a major froth. What made it worse was that there was no-one I could talk to. I couldn’t tell the others. They think my mum’s a headcase as it is. And I
couldn’t tell Mum.
    Then Andy, my soon-to-be-proper step-dad, found me having a cry on the stairs. I told him I didn’t feel well. “I think I’m going down with this, like, evil millennium bug everyone’s been on about,” I sniffled.
    But Andy is such a star. After he finally winkled the truth out of me, he totally put my mind at rest. “I’ll have a tactful word. Don’t give it a second thought, princess,” he promised. “Sleepover 2000 is sorted, OK!” And he gave me a huge clean tissue, so I could give my nose a proper blow.
    Mind you, when the Big Day came, it looked like old Andy had let me down. Because—
    Oops! There I go again, rushing ahead of myself. I’m such a butterfly. I almost left out the most important part of the story. Which is what happened on our first day back at school.
    Have you noticed how bad things mostly happen when you’re in a great mood? I mean, not only had I finally got over my sleepover jitters, but I

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