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Authors: Tash McAdam
Tags: Dystopian
like the best plan ever.”
    Her sarcasm makes Serena roll her
eyes. And how is that attitude gonna
    “We ready to bounce?” She injects some false
confidence into her question.
    “Not yet. I gotta beep my boys.” He starts
tapping out a message at high speed, doing this – just like
everything else – a little faster than seems normal.
    Then he taps his foot, pretending impatience
as he waits for a reply, and grins when his comm lights up. “Nice.
All ready? Reilly’s on ‘is way ta wipe the place down. He’ll move
the rest of this out for ya as well.”
    Just as he says it, his wrist unit flashes
again and he grins, pulling the door open a crack. A hasty exchange
of muffled words is followed by a long-limbed blonde man easing his
way into the room. His clothes are a mottled grey-black that makes
him almost impossible to see, and he’s dripping wet. Serena gives
him a quick once over, noting his athletic build, raw-boned face,
and deep-set brown eyes that dart around the room. He looks like
he’s seen his fair share of fights, judging by the broken nose, but
there’s an intelligence in his features that makes her believe he’s
not just a thug.
    He wrings his sleeves out briefly, the water
pattering on the floor, and performs an elaborate bow. “Evening,
ladies. I do hope this miscreant hasn’t tainted your visit to our
fine city.” He mournfully squeezes out his hair, and then sighs.
“Lost cause. Hope you’re prepared for a shower. S’unbelievable out
    Serena smirks and moves toward the
door, unable to keep the thrum of anticipation out of her voice.
“Little water never hurt anyone. 'Sides, it’ll help cover us. Dig
your greys, by the way.” I gotta get me
some of those.
    Water drips slowly off the end of his wide
nose as he flashes a broad grin in reply. “Well, good luck in your
endeavours. Don’t worry about your prints. I’ll scrub the place
bare.” He shrugs off a flat pack and unrolls it on the table,
grabbing a small reader unit and clicking it on. The screen lights
up and shows all the fingerprints and smears on the table in front
of him. “And then I’ll get some third-party contractors in to touch
everything a bit. Nothing more suspicious than a well-cleaned
joint. Freedom go with ya!”
    Satisfied that he seems to know what he’s
doing, Serena watches interestedly as he sets to work, using a
cloth to rub down the places they’ve touched. He whistles softly as
he cleans, and Leaf claps him on the shoulder.
    “Later, Rei!” He sidles to the door, looks
out, and grins at the girls. “Ready ta get wet?”
    Serena nods eagerly and they head into the
maelstrom outside.

IMMEDIATELY , and she’s grateful for the
shock pads covering her torso, as they keep her chest and back
feeling dry. The rain isn’t cold, but being drenched soon loses its
novelty, and the visibility is terrible. Uneasy, she flicks her
eyes back and forth, tempted to use her power to read her
surroundings. It’s safer to keep it shut down, though, so she
curses to herself and resists. They stay close together as they
traipse through the already ankle-deep flooding. I miss my boots so much. Most of the civilians are inside by now, having opened their
reservoirs up and retreated into the dry. There’re still some kids
playing around, and a few shifty-looking teenagers startle from a
doorway as they pass, running off into the rain with dramatic
splashes like hunted animals. Probably a drug deal – loser kids fed
up with their cushy but boring existences.
    The constant noise of the rainfall steeps
everything in a fuzzy-grey layer of unreality, and time seems to
stretch out and drag. The muffled splashes of their own footsteps
create a bizarre counterpoint, going on and on until she finds
herself breathing in time with it. They pass towering buildings
with elaborately sweeping designs that are now acting as water
chutes, causing miniature waterfalls on almost every

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