Silverbow by Shannon Simmons

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Authors: Shannon Simmons
a connection but one that didn’t line up. Then the heat; I felt him approach the way I usually felt Murphy. That confused me even more. What would I do now? I knew Charlie would call me if he noticed anyone out of the ordinary or inked with the paw on the neck. I was pretty sure this Markham cat had to be a part of the bikers’ crew. How was I going to take care of this on my own? I reached my house long before I could even fathom a single answer to any of my own questions.
    A panicked breath rushed through my lips as I sat straight up in bed. My father’s murder was haunting my dreams more than usual now that that grave had been dug up. I raked my fingers through my hair, still damp from my shower, and turned to wake Greyden. I held my breath for a moment and sat looking at the emptiness beside me. Greyden had not come to bed yet. Glancing at the alarm clock on his side of the bed, I saw that it was almost five in the morning and he should have turned in a couple of hours ago. It was Thursday and he would have to work the fence.
    I reached for my phone and dialed the bar. No one answered. It wasn’t like him to spend a night away from me without letting me know beforehand. I jumped out of the bed and grabbed yesterday’s jeans off the floor and pulled them on. Grabbing a shop shirt, I slid into it and yanked my messy hair back in a sloppy ponytail. After a quick brush of my teeth, I tied on my sneakers and quickly headed downstairs. All the lights were off and he was no where to be found. Opening the front door with my keys in hand, I noticed his bike wasn’t there. Something was wrong. Fuck.
    I fired up my black beauty and headed towards the bar. The town was still sleeping. All the shop lights were out. The only major light on my path was the “vacancies” light that flickered on the inn’s sign. Murphy’s car was parked outside of his room and a few other car’s littered the parking lot. I wondered if Mr. Yates was still locked up in his room, drying out.
    I slammed on my breaks as something darted into the road ahead of me and vanished into the darkness on the other side. Fucking coyotes. After pulling my heart back out of my throat, I pulled away and turned into the parking lot of the bar. Greyden’s bike was still outside, along with several others and there were still lights on inside. Why in the hell were they still open? I headed for the front door and found that it was locked. I could hear worried voices inside and pounded my fist against the door. The voices hushed and someone peered out the window at me. The door unlocked and opened just enough to allow me inside.
    My eyes widened and my hands covered my mouth as I saw the body lying over two tables that had been pushed together. A firm hand took my shoulder and pushed me towards the bar and away from the disfigured body and the man working on it. Greyden crossed the room with wet and dry towels in his hands and passed them to the doctor. I turned to see who was touching me and watched tears stream down Mr. Yates’s cheeks. He looked as though he had aged ten years since I had dropped him off. My eyes shot back at the blood soaked body that began to seize on the table. A quiet gasp echoed on the other side of the room and I wondered why anyone had been allowed to stay and watch this.
    The man that worked diligently on sewing up the huge rips and punctures that littered the body was Dr. McCree. He had been a prison doctor for years. He was in his early sixties now and still as sharp as he was in his twenties. The short hearty Irishman worked feverishly and called for someone to help hold the body still. Mr. Yates stepped away from me and moved to press his large strong hands against the patient’s shoulders. He leaned down and whispered into a red caked ear and it was then that I realized who the person was. Mrs. Yates had been turned into human hamburger and it was a scary and depressing sight.
    I turned my head

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