Silver Cathedral Saga

Silver Cathedral Saga by Marcus Riddle

Book: Silver Cathedral Saga by Marcus Riddle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marcus Riddle
Tags: Fantasy, magick, silver cathedral
level, not the
rock compartment, and left through the two large front doors that
were already open. So the fresh air always flowed inside. An arched
doorway surrounded them at one point and they stopped and took it
all in.
    The stone
archway seeped into their memories, as if they saw nothing as
amazing in the last twenty four hours. This archway was not as
simple as most would imagine, either. It was numbered with swirls
that flicked off like the point of swords. The engraved stone was
delicate, fine, but easy to see against the silver because it was
outlined in a thin coat of white. The two childrens’ eyes followed
the pattern from one edge to the other after deciding to move
forward again, almost falling over the stone wall that went around
this only part of the cathedral, at the back. It would be hard to
notice it was a back door because there was so much detail in it.
The front looked the exact same, and must have been confusing to
those inside, especially for newcomers, because the children
thought it was the front door till they went outside and looked up
at the building and around it.
    By some
miracle, there was four big patches of grass outside, as if the
grass somehow managed to live and grow from hard rock without
moisture beneath it. A lot of it all seemed to make no sense. But
then they were in new territory and knew there was magick here at
work their minds could not fathom or understand at this time.
    Eleanor and
Christian remained speechless for some time, before they decided to
sit down on the grass.
    Then a
woman came by, outside.
    This young
woman, who looked about twenty five, flicked her wrist, as if
scattering something onto the grass. Though what came out was not
seeds, but light. Light that radiated over one field, then another,
then another, until she done so with all four. The grass glowed for
a little while, even the patch they were sitting on; they watched
beneath them and felt it, yet it had no different touch from their
sense. It went back to looking like its nourished green self as
they were being curious, ending abruptly.
said Christian. “I guess that’s how they keep the grass looking so
good here.”
sense, I guess,” said Eleanor.
    “Wait a
minute, won’t you be able to do that? Emae is the god of light,
fire and suns. That’s a lot of power from a single god.”
    “It is, but
for a world that revolves mostly around night, it’s not the best or
natural choice for people to make here. Plus, he is the leader for
a reason. Yet the decision just felt… right. Like it lured me in,
rather than me to it.”
    “I think I
understand,” replied Christian.
Spell-caster turned her head to smile to them, nodded, then went
back inside. “The reason I chose the goddess of knowledge, wisdom
and the mind was because I use those things a lot anyway with my
puzzle solving abilities. I just felt compelled to go for it.”
Christian noticed two enormous green houses on either side near
both ledges.
lengthy chat last night really made sense of it all. Really glad we
had it in the end. I mean the Firefly spell was the first sign like
I said, then that strange feeling I got when I saw Emae’s name
yesterday in the throne room inside the ‘Text of Edeolon’ when we
got here. I don’t know if fate exists as such, but I do believe
things fall into place better with certain existing variables.”
    “We could
stay here for a while,” said Christian as he slumped onto the dry
grass that felt comforting beneath him.
    “Not the
worst idea.” Eleanor sat down with her legs crossed, then spread
her hands around her to feel the blades of green. She slammed
herself back so she lay down but spread her hands, stretching them
out; they crossed the same path as Christian as she moved her hands
up and down.
    “Hey, do
you mind?”
    “Erm, no,
not really,” replied Eleanor, sarcastically. She lay still with her
eyes closed. “It kinda kills that there is little sun

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