Shy Talent (StarLords Book 3)

Shy Talent (StarLords Book 3) by Bianca D'Arc

Book: Shy Talent (StarLords Book 3) by Bianca D'Arc Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bianca D'Arc
Tags: space opera romance
the fate of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Talents who had been captured and subjugated by the collective. It was a heavy burden.
    Agnor unexpectedly felt the light weight of Bet’s hand on his shoulder.
    “You can handle anything the universe puts in your path. I believe in you.”
    His thoughts must have been very strong to bleed through her strengthened shields, but he didn’t mind that she’d overheard. He felt no awkwardness in sharing everything with her, which said something for his feelings. He only hoped that she could feel the same one day, but he was very careful to keep that thought under wraps. He wouldn’t pressure her. Not ever.
    Her soft words wormed their way into his heart. How long had it been since someone had spoken such uplifting words of faith in him? Probably not since his parents had helped him bring his plasticine volcano to his first primary school science fair.
    “Thanks, Bet.” He covered her hand with his and met her gaze, inspired to smile by her words. “I needed to hear that. Even if it’s not entirely true.”
    “I believe it with all my heart. You are meant to be here in this place and time. You are meant to do whatever it is we’re about to go do.”
    “You’re a believer in fate now? You’re going to have problems with Lilith and her probability calculations if you keep talking like that,” he teased her as he put the shuttle on a landing vector.
    “Sometimes you just gotta have faith,” she replied, more confident than he had ever seen her.
    He leaned in to kiss her quickly before turning back to the necessity of landing the shuttle. He had to bring it in delicately, both to hide their presence as much as possible and because he didn’t know exactly what the ground was like.
    They were inside a ring of mountains, landing on a small plateau that rose out of the inside of a vast crater. The geography was strange, indeed, and Agnor set the cameras on the shuttle to take both motion and still pictures on every frequency, beaming at least one feed directly up to the ship…just in case they didn’t make it back to the Calypso .
    The scientist in Agnor marveled at the geology. He’d never seen anything like it on all the worlds he’d visited. The ring of mountain peaks looked like a round circle of sharp teeth, reaching into the sky. Inside that ring were other formations, including several deep caverns and craters. The one they had been directed to had a little flat plateau of rock shooting upward from just inside the rim of the massive opening in the ground.
    Agnor wasn’t sure if these structures had been excavated or had occurred naturally. If the latter, this was a strange planet, indeed. If the former, he couldn’t begin to estimate the time and manpower an arrangement like this would require.
    There were no structures inside the massive ring of mountain peaks, though sensors had picked up small settlements elsewhere on the planet. Still, Agnor couldn’t be sure if there were people around here anywhere or not. The sensors were not reliable this close to the surface. Massive amounts of power were zinging through the atmosphere. It messed with some of the sensor readings, but otherwise seemed harmless enough.
    Agnor ran through the shut-down sequence for the shuttle’s engines. They were committed now. Whatever was out there—wherever it was—would have to be dealt with. Making a quick getaway was possible, but not really all that quick now that he’d shut down the engines. If he’d wanted to leave someone inside, engines hot, he could have, but Lilith’s vision of the probabilities said no.
    They couldn’t afford to overbalance the odds by adding another person to the away team, and leaving the engines hot showed a level of distrust, as well as acting as a beacon if any hostiles were searching for them. Better to shut down and have to restart later.
    If there was a later.
    “Well,” he said as the engines stilled and the constant hum of them

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