Shh! by Stacey Nash

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Authors: Stacey Nash
    “Oh, come on, Dane, I’m doing her a favour.”
    “Stop being a jealous bitch,” Molly said, using her back to block Abigail out of our circle.
    “Is it true?” I directed my question at Dane.
    He glanced over my head, toward the servery, as he said, “It’s an old dormitory. Do you know how many people have lived in that room?”
    Even though she was facing the other way now, Abigail laughed then muttered, “Says the guy with a notched desk.”
    “Not mine or his, baby.” Dane shook his head.
    But it was too late. His reaction had said it all. It felt like the happiness of today had been ripped right out from underneath me. So Logan was a player, and I shouldn’t be surprised; guys as good looking as him could get any girl they wanted. And usually did. Still, I couldn’t stop the hurt pulsing through me. If he was a player than why the bejeebers hadn’t he let me kiss him that night?
    My friends’ laughter buzzed in my ears as the line moved forward and through the servery, even though I didn’t hear much of what was said. Molly’s hand on my shoulder drew me out of my thoughts. “You all right?”
    “Hunky dory,” I responded placing my tray on the table and pulling on my carefree facade.
    When I got back to my room I slunk into my swivel chair and spun in half circles while I waited for the laptop to boot up. After skipping today, I had a ton of reading to catch up on as well as the usual workload. I’d be at it all night.
    My phone beeped with an incoming text, from a number with no name attached.
    Meet me tomorrow at the cafeteria.
    Logan. I pushed my phone to the side and flopped my head back over the chair. I wasn’t sure what to say to him; ‘How many notches have you racked up?’ didn’t quite feel fair. And to be honest, the tiny butterflies that took flight when I saw his name urged me to send back a simple okay. I glanced at the phone, reached for it then pulled my hand away. Today had been absolutely awesome, but …
    My fingers sped over the keypad.
    I just came out of a relationship and I’m not ready for another one.
    Sent. It was gone.
    I stared at the phone. Blinked once then again. My heart beat in my ears. Holy buttercup, what had I done?
    No. Don’t be stupid, Olivia. It was the right choice.
    Or maybe it was wrong.
    My feet began to bounce. My fingers rapped the desk.
    If I were being honest here, it didn’t matter that I’d just broken up with Christian. I could tell already that Logan was different. But I wasn’t sure I could handle him hurting me. I tossed my phone on the desk and turned to the computer. I had a group assignment for Law that I needed to work on. Heck, it wasn’t just Socio I’d skipped today. There was also Torts and Constitutional Law. I dropped my forehead on the desk with the realisation, my gaze sliding to my phone. It beeped and I grabbed it.
    Did I ask you to marry me? :P
    Yeah, good point. I’d totally jumped the gun and assumed he wanted a relationship. Way to come on too strong . I typed out my text and hit send.
    It would have been embarrassing when I turned you down.
    His answer came back almost instantly.
    I don’t think you would have. My boyish charms are hard to resist. So how about 11 tomorrow?
    The warmth of my inner smile matched the one I wore. I could make eleven, and what did a simple catch-up mean anyway? Nothing. Just because I meet him didn’t mean I’d become a conquest.
    See you then, Stalker Boy.

    This morning’s classes had been a disaster. I hadn’t managed to catch up last night, so I was pretty lost in Torts Law. Then during my other classes, I’d daydreamed. So I had double the work to catch up on. Instead of studying last night, all I could think about was Logan’s texts, and the cafeteria today. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said I’d read them fifty times. That guy made my head so dizzy. My thoughts bounced back and forth, trying to decide if he really was the nice guy I’d

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