She's So Money

She's So Money by Cherry Cheva

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Authors: Cherry Cheva
continuing to try and defuse her irritation.
    “Oh my God, you’re right!” Stacey’s face lit up, and she swiveled around to look at me. “I just made a hundred bucks!”
    “Sure, if you want to think of it that way.” I shrugged.
    “That’s so awesome!” she said. She picked up a mascara tube and pointed it at me excitedly.
    “I know!” I agreed. Her enthusiasm was actually kind of infectious.
    Stacey smiled widely, anger thoroughly forgotten, then rifled through her makeup bag again and turned to the mirror to reapply her Lip Venom. “Ow,” she said as she put it on. “Ow. Ow. Ow.”
    “Why do you wear that stuff if it hurts?” I asked.
    “Because when boys see big, luscious lips, they think of—”
    I left the bathroom to avoid hearing the rest of her sentence.

    For the next three days, every free moment of which I spent doing other people’s homework, my mantra was “Sleep is for the weak. Sleep is overrated. Screw sleep.” After the small Spanish gaffe with Stacey, I’d made sure to tell Camden that he had to vet everyone’s assignment requests beforehand, because I enjoyed calling his pals if something went wrong about as much as they enjoyed getting calls from me. My weird pseudo-bonding session with Stacey in the bathroom apparently did not carry over to the rest of our lives, as the next several times I passed her in the hallway, she ignored me as usual. I tried to make eye contact once or twice, figuring I should at least try to be friendly, but after a few unsuccessful tries I started ignoring her as usual again too.
    Granted, I was now $1,400 richer, but I was also the owner of some very large under eye circles. Maybe it was time to explore concealer. It was certainly time to start figuring out where I was gonna get more money, because at the rate I was going—even with doing Camden’s, Dani’s, and Stacey’s work—I was never going to get to my $10,000 goal in time.
    The popular kids seemed to have developed psychic powers and sensed this. A few days into my triple strength homework nightmare, I was trudging down the hallway after the welcome ring of the end of sixth period bell, vaguely pondering whether “SexyBack” or “Buttons” would be a better song with which to make my strip joint Amateur Night debut—if it came to that—when I found a bunch of them waiting by my locker: Camden, Dani, Stacey, Brad, and Derek. What the—?
    “Hey,” Camden said as I walked up, giving me sort of a half wave. The rest of them just stood there, except for Dani, who gave my sweatshirt and jeans outfit a once over, and then looked thoughtful as she toyed with a piece of her dark, flatironed hair.
    “Hey,” I said cautiously.
    “Hey,” said everybody else. I glanced at all of them, not bothering to hide my weirded out expression at the fact that like, half the Spring Fling court was surrounding my locker, and asked, “What’s going on?”
    “Got some more customers for ya,” said Camden, taking off his baseball cap to bend the brim, and then putting it back on again.
    “Wait, she deals drugs too?” asked Brad. I couldn’t tell if he was serious or not. Apparently, neither could the student teacher passing by us in the hallway; she whipped her head around to stare suspiciously for a moment before either deciding that we were harmless or deciding to stroll on over to Principal Davis’s office in an exceedingly casual manner. Dani and Derek both noticed her paranoid expression; Dani giggled and Derek smirked.
    “Oh my God, Camden. Can I talk to you alone for a second?” I took his sleeve and pulled him a few feet away to the little side hall where the Chem lab was. Dani and Derek both continued to smirk as we disappeared out of their line of vision. Stacey and Brad probably would’ve been smiling too, if they hadn’t spontaneously started making out against a TRY OUT FOR THE TALENT SHOW! NO TALENT NECESSARY! poster.
    Camden disengaged my fingers from his sleeve, then wandered

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