remember him saying something about that. I think you’re staying at our beach house,
    “That’s right.” She stuffed her hands into her jean pockets and swayed on her feet
     a bit . “ Jaymeson said it would be okay if I stopped by to grab the keys and say hi.”
    “It’s fine. I’ ll just go find Alec and snag the keys from him.”
    “Alec , ” April repeated , her eyes slowly taking me in . “ He’s your brother?”
    “Yup. I like to think he’s the lucky bastard to have me as his other half.”
    “He is .” She winked and smiled sadly at the ground . I immediately felt Alyssa tense next to me.
    As if April just remembered that Alyssa and I had been acting all kinds of inappropriate just a few minutes ago , she blushed and chuckled . “ You two carry on . I’ll just … ” H er words trailed off as she walked down the hall.
    “I don’t know if I like her , ” Alyssa whispered once April was out of ear-shot.
    I helped her off the counter and sighed . “ You have no reason not to like her.”
    Alyssa’s eyes narrowed . “ She was eyeing you like… I don’t know . L ike she wanted to strip you naked and lick you.”
    “That could be arranged if y o u feel so inclined.” I grinned.
    Alyssa swatted me in the stomach . “ Shut up. I’m serious!”
    “Babe .” I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead . “ It’s fine, okay? Besides, she use d to be married to one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. I’m sure she’s just used
     to the attention , okay? Besides, she’s Jaymeson ’ s step-mom . I f anything , she was just putting two and two together , ok ay ? ”
    “Fine.” Alyssa sucked in her lower lip and grabbed my hand . “ But if she makes a move for you , it won ’ t be just Nat throwing punches.”
    “Deal.” I chuckled as we approached Jaymeson and Alec. Whoa. The brooding was officially back. Crap. Now Alec looked like he was ready to murder someone.
    “How’s it goin g ?” I directed the question at Jaymeson while anger wash ed over Alec’s face until I was pretty sure that he was going to start chucking burgers into the air.
    “Great.” Jaymeson elbowed Alec . “ Anyway, where was I? Oh right, so my father is a maniac. He’s refusing to pay child
     and spousal support , and I mean, he’s the guy who cheated in the first place! And then had the nerve to ask for a divorce.” He shook
     his head . “ At any rate , I think the stress is really getting to my m o m, so thanks for letting her stay at your place.”
    “Anytime.” Alec handed me the metal hamburger flipper and stalked off mumbli ng something about finding Nat.
    “He alright?” Jaymeson squinted at Alec’s disappearing form. “I hope the story of
     my parents didn’t upset him.”
    “Nah, he’s just…” I shrugged . “ H ormonal.”
    Alyssa took the hamburger flipper from my hands and ordered me to move. Apparently
     I hadn’t graduated t o cooking live food yet either.
    “Where’s your girl?” I begrudgingly shoved my hands in my pockets and watched my girlfriend cook up a storm.
    “How should I know?” Jaymeson snorted. “I can’t even lie. I’m trying , man, really tryi ng to be nice to her , but she’s—”
    “ I nsane , ” Alyssa grumbled. Clearly she was still upset over the whole I - slept - with - the - devil thing.
    “There ’ s that.” Jaymeson nodded. “But she’s always on her damn phone. On top of that , it ’ s like she ’ s plotting something. I don’t know . M aybe I’m paranoid. But I don’t trust her.”
    “World domination.” Alyssa piped up . “ She’s going to take over the world.”
    “One text at a time , ” I agreed.
    “Speak of the devil.” I grinned and slapped Jaymeson on the back . “ I think Angelica needs you.”
    Angelica rounded the corner in platform heels, a mini skirt, and a midriff shirt that
     real ly shouldn’t be called a shirt.
    It was smaller than a scarf and strategically wrapped

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