Seer: Reckless Desires (Norseton Wolves Book 8)
    Over a man?
    She scoffed and started a brisk trot down to the bakery. She needed a bear claw pastry or an éclair, and soon , or she wouldn’t be able to control what came out of her mouth next.
    What the heck is wrong with me?

    Arnold’s job tended to be pretty quiet, given his nighttime shift. Surprisingly, most Vikings liked to turn in long before eleven. Norseton was quiet in the evenings, save for the occasional hare darting across his path, or planes passing overhead.
    He walked a slow square around the executive mansion’s grounds, checking to make sure all the secondary doors were locked and that nothing seemed out of place. His routine was to repeat that once every hour, and then spend the rest of his time at the security desk watching the live camera feeds for trespassers and other threats. He was responsible for half the cameras, and whoever was at the gatehouse was watching the other half.
    “Should probably see who’s there tonight,” he mused quietly.
    Back at the security desk, he picked up the phone receiver and punched the extension for the gatehouse.
    “Everything all right?” Jim answered on the first ring.
    Arnold didn’t know Jim very well. He spent most of his time away from the compound, assessing outside threats to the Afótama, but he seemed to be a friendly enough guy from what little Arnold had seen of him.
    “Yeah, everything’s all right,” Arnold said. “I was just seeing who was working on the other end tonight.”
    “I haven’t been on gatehouse duty in forever. Lonely as fuck up here in the dark. I know better than to wish for a little action, but after a while, you start hearing things.”
    Arnold chuckled and checked the time. They were barely an hour into their respective shifts. Jim was going to be hearing things for a long while to come.
    “Well, if you start seeing things, too,” Arnold said, “give me a call, and I’ll give you a reality check.”
    “Since you’re here, maybe you can give me one right now.”
    “About what?” Arnold glanced at each little video image on his two monitors, paying especially close attention to the feeds from areas that abutted Jim’s.
    “I heard a rumor that you have visions.”
    Arnold snorted and leaned back in his rolling chair. “Yeah? Who’d you hear that from?”
    “Pretty reliable source, in my opinion. Your own sister.”
    “You shouldn’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth when she’s smiling. Was she smiling?”
    “No. She was eating a cheeseburger at the time.”
    “Where did you get to see my sister eating a cheeseburger?”
    “At the diner earlier. You know how it goes. I was stalking a certain lady wolf and she happened to be sitting with your sister.”
    “Leticia, you mean.”
    “You know the one, then.”
    “What’s the holdup with that, anyway? She’s over eighteen. If you wait much longer to make a move, Colt’s gonna start up another one of his betting pools and let folks guess when you’ll finally get your shit together.”
    “He probably already has. I’m not waiting on any particular thing.”
    Jim didn’t respond, and Arnold wasn’t going to goad the guy. Arnold wasn’t exactly an expert on werewolf relationships, as evidenced by his own difficulties securing a particular one.
    He’d never heard of a wolf who had a mate but whom he wasn’t with. Apparently, though, that was what Leo was used to. Arnold didn’t like it.
    “You were asking about my visions,” Arnold said.
    “Yeah. How do they work? Do you get to pick what you see?”
    “Nah. I suppose I see whatever the wolf goddess thinks is important at any given time. Mrs. Carbone says I’m an oracle, whatever that means. There was no word for what I can do back in my old pack. My mother got visions, too, and so did my grandfather. They were outsiders, kinda. Folks more or less left them alone.”
    “We didn’t have anything like that in my old pack, either,” Jim said. “But

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