Seducing the Boss (The Pulse Series)
Call me Scrubs, Kellan. It’s time to get things back on track. We had a deal, and I need you to honor it.”
    Until that moment, he worried perhaps the weekend had been enough for her. That she wasn’t feeling the pull, the aching need that hadn’t been sated no matter how many times he’d taken her.
    But her voice cracked slightly on the word “honor.” She still wanted him. He could see it in her eyes.
    “The weekend wasn’t enough for either one of us.”
    Her brows furrowed. “It has to be.”
    He ran a frustrated hand through his hair. The morning had sucked on every level. He needed time to think, to consider what he was saying. For all he knew, this offer could be based on residual lust that would dissipate by lunchtime. He owed it to her to give her some space, to give both of them an opportunity to come down from the high.
    “It was great, and I don’t regret a second of it. But I can’t go back for more. I hope you understand.” Mercifully, as always, Sara was the voice of reason. The queen of common sense.
    “You’re right. I’m sorry. Haven’t had enough coffee this morning.”
    She smiled, though the expression seemed to require some effort. “You’ll see, Kell. Calling a halt here is for the best.”
    He nodded, but didn’t reply as she left the room. Silently he prayed that time would prove her right.
    However, by five thirty that afternoon, Kellan didn’t have a doubt that Sara was wrong. Dead wrong. He’d fucked up no fewer than twenty things today, while his thoughts were consumed with her.
    To make matters worse, he’d stupidly agreed to lunch with Josh, during which he’d spent the better part of an hour listening to his friend alternate between “I told you so” and laughing his ass off at Kellan’s grumpiness over having his offer refused. The meal ended with Josh muttering something about it being time Kellan met his match.
    He wanted to be pissed off about Josh’s assessment, but it was impossible to deny Sara had proven to be a perfect match, sexually. Kellan relived every second of the weekend until he thought he’d go out of his mind with longing. Somehow, he needed to convince her to give him more time.
    He buzzed his secretary. “Can you call the ER and see if Sara Connelly is still here? If so, I need to see her in my office immediately.”
    If she’d left for the day, he’d text her to see if she would be willing to meet for dinner at Score.
    He’d rearranged everything on his large oak desk three times before he finally just cleared the damn thing off completely. Then, mercifully, he heard a knock on his door ten minutes later.
    “Come in.”
    Sara had her jacket on, her purse over her arm. “Hey. I was just about to take off. What’s up?”
    He raised one finger as he walked by her, stopping in the doorway. His secretary, like Sara, was packing up for the day. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Jenna.”
    They said their goodbyes, and then he watched his secretary leave before closing the door and locking it.
    Sara’s eyes narrowed at his actions. “What do you want, Kellan?”
    She rolled her eyes, just like she had a million times in their past. What was new, however, was his body’s response to her annoyance. It hit him hard. Below the belt. His cock went stiff in an instant.
    He stepped in front of her, taking her coat and purse from her, dropping them into a nearby chair. “I want to kiss you.”
    Sara shook her head. “No. Hell no.”
    “One more time, Sara. Just let me kiss you one more time. If you still want to leave afterward, I won’t stand in your way.”
    Blowing out an exasperated breath, Sara lifted her face toward him. “Fine. One kiss. And then maybe you’ll see why—”
    Kellan cut off whatever else it was she planned to say. His lips landed on hers, and he kissed her as if his life depended on it. God. For some insane reason, it felt like it did.
    Even if she had been annoyed with his request, Sara

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