Secret of the Unicorn (Avalon: Web of Magic #4)

Secret of the Unicorn (Avalon: Web of Magic #4) by Rachel Roberts

Book: Secret of the Unicorn (Avalon: Web of Magic #4) by Rachel Roberts Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rachel Roberts
    “Makes sense,” Adriane said.
    “So what happened to her horn?” Kara asked.
    “I don’t know—it’s part of the mystery.”
    Kara tugged at a lock of blond hair. “We need to find out what it is, and if it’s dangerous,” she said. “As president of the Ravenswood Wildlife Preservation Society, I hereby call an executive meeting. We need some magical opinions.”
    “Agreed,” Adriane said. “Let’s gather the troops.”
    The girls walked through the natural arch of trees to the Rocking Stone and on past into the magic glade.
    “I didn’t know you played the flute,” Kara mentioned to Emily.
    “Adriane plays guitar—maybe we should form a band.”
    “And what would you do?” Adriane asked.
    “Lead singer, of course. La laaa !” Kara crooned.
    Adriane covered her ears. “Well, we’d be a smash at the Pet Palace.”
    The three girls laughed. Kara and Adriane entwined their arms with Emily’s and walked into the wondrous glade together. Emily felt better, at least for the moment. With her friends at her side, nothing could harm her.
    “T HIS MEETING OF the Ravenswood Wildlife Preservation Society is now in session!” Kara declared, walking back and forth as she surveyed the large crowd of animals and creatures. Emily, Adriane, Storm, and Lyra sat on the bank of the small rippling stream that emptied into the glassy pond. A dozen quiffles perched on the delicate bridge that arched gracefully over the stream. Other creatures—jeeran, pegasi, brimbees, wommels, and more—were sitting or standing on the leaf-strewn grass surrounding the water.
    “Everyone’s met the newcomers, and I’m glad you’ve all settled in,” Kara continued.
    “Beautiful princess!” a breathless voice sang out, interrupting her. Ghyll sprang out from behind a fir tree, followed by Ozzie. The flobbin hopped speedily over to Kara. “I’m here. I came as soon as I heard your call. Won’t you please allow me to apologize for my tardiness with a nice big kiss?”
    Kara brushed him away with a wave of her arms. “Not now, I’m busy.”
    “When would be a good time, O goddess of magic?”
    “How about never? Does never work for you?”
    Lyra stepped in front of Kara, leaving no doubt as to the time frame involved. The others all gestured for Ghyll to sit down and keep quiet.
    Ozzie sat next to Emily. “You know,” he muttered as Ghyll took a place by the pond, “I’m starting to think there’s something a little odd about that guy.”
    “Quiet, please.” Kara paced back and forth, hands behind her back. “How can I concentrate? We’ve got an evil creature that’s here right now, you know!”
    The crowd gasped. Murmurs of dismay rippled through the gathered creatures.
    “Don’t panic,” Emily called out. “We just need to figure out what it could be.”
    “Right.” Kara hopped up on a large, flat rock at the edge of the pond.
    “What kind of monster are we talking about?” Balthazar asked.
    Emily stood up and gave a quick description of the thing she’d seen.
    “Could it be a banshee?” a brimbee asked.
    “No, we know what those look like.” Emily shuddered at the memory of the ragged, green-skinned, red-eyed hags that had attacked them not long ago. “This creature had pale white skin and black eyes and was sort of bony.”
    “A night stalker!” another voice cried.
    Ronif shook his head. “No, no,” he said. “They have yellow eyes, and their skin is black as midnight.”
    “That creature who ran away, the one who made the horrible noise,” a wommel called out. “We haven’t seen it since we got here. That’s your monster!”
    “We think that creature may be a unicorn,” Emily said.
    “A unicorn. Here?”
    Gasps of wonder broke out among the crowd
    “Surely with the magic of a unicorn, we need not worry about a monster,” a brimbee said.
    “They can travel freely on the web itself,” another quiffle explained. “They don’t need a portal or anything.

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