Scrapyard Ship 4 Realms of Time

Scrapyard Ship 4 Realms of Time by Mark Wayne McGinnis

Book: Scrapyard Ship 4 Realms of Time by Mark Wayne McGinnis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mark Wayne McGinnis
and men would be a simple task for the Minian, up in high orbit above the planet. He hailed Ricket and waited for over a minute.
    “ Captain,” a hurried voice came back, out of breath.
    Jason immediately knew something was wrong. “What is it, Ricket?”
    “ Can’t speak for long … we’re being boarded, I’m evading—”
    “ Boarded? By whom?” Jason heard energy weapons firing over his NanoCom.
    “ I’m not actually sure,” Ricket replied. Jason heard sounds of running footfalls and Ricket’s heavy breathing over the line.
    “ Sorry, Captain. I’ll contact you as soon as I’m able.” The connection closed.
    Billy, noticing Jason’s alarmed expression, asked, “What is it?”
    “ Minian’s been boarded. Looks like we’re on our own for a while,” Jason replied.
    Chapter 14
    Chapter 14

    Ricket ran for the entrance to Medical with eight Caldurians in pursuit. They’d emerged onto the ship ten minutes earlier from multiple DeckPort locations. Ricket, alerted to their presence by the AI, watched them from behind a bulkhead. Armed with energy weapons and wearing hardened, dark brown environmental suits, the Caldurians quickly fanned out into multiple directions—as if they knew exactly where they needed to go.
    Not wearing his own battle suit and unarmed, Ricket addressed the ship’s AI. “AI, take defensive action against the intruders.”
    “ That function has been deactivated.”
    “ Who has deactivated that function, AI?”
    “ Minian command personnel prior to your boarding. It is for that reason your own access to the vessel has gone unchallenged.”
    “ Can you at least keep me apprised of their location?”
    “ Yes,” the pleasant AI’s voice replied. “The insurgent forces are making their way toward the bridge, although they have been halted due to the fact the area has not been fully constructed. Within the last fifteen seconds another team has emerged at DeckPort L9.”
    Ricket tried to remember where that particular DeckPort was situated when he heard the sound of approaching feet. Coming down the corridor behind him were eight armed insurgents. Ricket ran as energy bolts flew by him, missing him by mere inches. He darted left, then right, then sprinted full out and dove into the closest DeckPort.
    Ricket emerged out of a DeckPort two levels down, still airborne, his arms extended. He tucked and rolled, using his own momentum to catapult him upright, and sprinted toward Medical. He called out to two rhinos, whom he’d learned were actually twins, First Reflection and Second Reflection. “Help! First Reflection!”
    Sleepy-eyed, it was actually Second Reflection, the rhino with a chip on one side of his horn, who peered out from the entrance of Medical. Startled, seeing Ricket running towards him followed by eight close combatants, he quickly pulled his heavy hammer from the leather thong at his side, while drawing his plasma gun from its holster with his other hand. By the time Ricket skirted into Medical, First Reflection, the rhino’s twin, was at his brother’s side. Both fired at the approaching combatants. Ricket needed to get to his own battle suit, but that was three decks away.
    The deck plates shook underfoot as one of the rhinos in the corridor went down hard. Ricket crouched low and took a quick look. It looked like Second Reflection was dead. But the brother rhinos had done well. Only two of the brown-clad combatants were still on their feet, now hiding behind the bulkhead of an intersecting corridor and firing at First Reflection. The rhino’s hide was blackened with numerous scorch marks, and he was staggering.
    “ Take cover! Don’t just stand in the middle of the corridor like that.”
    The rhino ignored Ricket and continued to fire his weapon. Ricket saw Second Reflection’s plasma weapon lying on the deck, but it was not within easy reach. He took several steps backward, then rushed forward into the corridor. Staying low, Ricket reached the far

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