Saved b ythe Bear

Saved b ythe Bear by Stephanie Summers

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Authors: Stephanie Summers
Saved by the Bear
    Her heart pounded as the beast approached her. Legs quivered beneath her, exhausted from running as fast and as far as she could. She steadied herself against a tree and looked for a way out.
    She’d managed to escape that dreadful estate where she’d been held captive only to be chased down by a panther just as she made her exit. Months had passed as she plotted her way to freedom, and it would all be over within the blink of an eye, but at least she’d be free. Too bad she’d be too dead to enjoy it.
    The beast stalked toward her, smelling the air full of fear. A deep growl emanated from its chest. The animal’s tongue licked at its whiskers. Its paw shot out and swiped at her.
    She yelped and moved quickly to the side, narrowly avoiding the panther’s razor sharp claws. A tree branch cracked and snapped behind her, catching the predator’s attention.
    The large cat’s ears perked up and its gaze moved past her as it sniffed the air. It glanced back at her before peering into the dark forest.
    Careful not to take her eyes off the panther completely, she glanced to the side of the tree. A brown beast, at least nine feet tall, stood huffing at the panther.
    She gasped as the bear moved closer and clacked its teeth. The panther backed up slightly before lunging at the bear, claws first. The bear caught the panther’s front leg and yanked it hard, breaking the cat’s limb easily.
    The panther screamed as it shifted into a human man, his arm nearly torn in two. He tried desperately to pull himself out of harm’s way with his uninjured arm, but the bear nonchalantly walked up to him and ripped his throat out with its large teeth. Bleeding out all over the thick forest floor, the man died in seconds.
    Collapsing to her bottom, she went motionless with shock and fear. The grizzly turned toward her and raised itself to stand at its full height. It sniffed the air and plunked back down on all fours before moving closer to her.
    Wrapping her arms around her trembling body, she begged for the beast to spare her. The bear stood upright once more and watched her as if it understood her fear. Its chocolaty brown eyes possessed something more than just an animal behind them.
    Before her very eyes, the beast began to shake and within a few seconds, it shifted into the form of a muscular, six-and-a-half foot naked man.
    His honey brown hair hung half way down his back and cascaded over one shoulder. Eyes studied her intently. Muscles rippled as he moved toward her and crouched down, holding out his hand to her.
    She cowered in fear. “What are you?” she asked as her voice cracked. “Please don’t hurt me.”
    “I’m a man, you’re a woman, and I’m helping you up. No one is going to hurt you.”
    “No man I’ve ever met started out as a bear. How do I know I can I trust you?”
    “Because I’ve just killed this one for bothering you. He’s one of Old Man Westerly’s. I expect there’ll be more out looking for you. What have you done?”
    She took his hand as he helped her to stand upright. “I’d rather not say. Just let me go.”
    He stepped closer, his perfect cock catching her gaze briefly as she swallowed hard. “It isn’t safe out here for a pretty lady like yourself. Please, come with me and I’ll help you as best I can. I live not a mile from here.”
    “Do you have any clothes to cover yourself with nearby?”
    The corner of his mouth turned up into a half-smile. “No,” he said, taking her hand in his and leading her away from the dead man. “What is your name, Little Angel?”
    “I’m no angel, trust me on that one. My name is Seraphina, but most people call me Sera.”
    “I’m Ryder, and you look like an angel to me, Seraphina.”
    Running her fingers through her light brown hair, she tried not to blush. She walked just behind him still holding his hand as he led the way through the trees. She stole a quick glance at his tight ass, and she caught herself wanting to

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