Save Me (Taken Series Book 1)

Save Me (Taken Series Book 1) by Whitney Cannavina

Book: Save Me (Taken Series Book 1) by Whitney Cannavina Read Free Book Online
Authors: Whitney Cannavina
you want? Don’t come any closer?” I screech as I put my hands up in defense hoping to keep him away. I’m sure it’s of no use though because he could probably kill me with the flick of his wrist.
    Putting his hands up in a defensive gesture he stops at the edge of the bed. “Whoa. Hey. I’m here to help. I just was making sure it was you. I’m friends with Forrest. We’re going to get you out of here tonight ok?” Is he serious? Could he be telling me the truth? I hope with all my heart that he is really going to save me but this could be a trick. He could be testing me to see if I’ll run and then tell Mr. Morris. Who knows what would happen if he knew I tried to escape. But wait. He mentioned he was friends with Forrest. If he’s friends with Forrest then that means he’s telling the truth, right?
    “Forrest? Is he here? Does he know I’m here? When is he going to get me? I can’t stay here any longer. A girl says that my teacher is keeping me and that when he takes me from here I’ll never be found again. What if his partner, they call him ‘the boss’ comes? I need to get out of here before one of them comes. I need to go home. You can’t let him take me?” I start to sob at the end of my rant with fear and hope rolled into one. I fear that ‘the boss’ or Mr. Morris will arrive before I get out of here and stop my escape and at the same time I have hope that this is finally the moment where I’m saved.
    “Yes Forrest. You mentioned ‘the boss’. Did you get his name? Did you see him?” Why is he worried about that? He needs to worry about getting me out of here. If he wants to know who ‘the boss’ is he needs to ask the girl I talked to earlier.
    “I don’t know who ‘the boss’ is. I haven’t seen him yet. The girl mentioned him as a partner to Mr. Morris. Mr. Morris was my P.E. teacher and he kidnapped me and kept me in a cell somewhere. He drugged me before we got there and he drugged me again when he brought me here. I never knew he wanted me, then the girl said that he’s wanted me for a while. She also said that this place sells people. Is that true? Oh my god. You have to help her. What if she gets sold too? Call Forrest. Get him here and he will help. I know he will. Please don’t leave me here!” I couldn’t stop the crying. I was so close to escape I could taste it. I could almost feel Forrest’s arms wrapped around me. I could almost feel the relief of when my parents see me and their tears of joy. I could almost feel love from Damon and the rest of my family and friends when I arrive home safely. Almost.
    “I can’t take you home just yet. I just needed to make sure you were alright. I still need to call Forrest to help me get you out of here safely without getting caught. But I assure you it will be soon. See?” He shows me the text to Forrest about my location and that I am here. I sag with relief at knowing that Forrest knows where I am but I need him to hurry before Mr. Morris or ‘the boss’ arrive. With ‘the boss’ being Mr. Morris’ partner he could come here at any time and stop me from leaving. I need Forrest to hurry and get me out of here.
    “We need to hurry. Tell him to hurry. I’ll do whatever you need just as long as you hurry and get me out of here. Then you need to save the girl that I talked to.”
    “One thing at a time. You’re our first priority. Forrest would kill me if I didn’t get you out first. The other girls are safe for now because they are to be auctioned off in a few days’ time and I already have people ready to buy them and take them home to their families.”
    “You know about this place?” I ask incredulously. Why if he knows about this place is it still here with people being sold like cattle? “Why haven’t you shut this place down? What are you really doing here?”
    “Calm down. I work undercover trying to catch the guy that runs this operation. I can’t shut it down or else we can’t catch him and he sets

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