Sapphire Falls: Going Too Fast (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Big Easy Book 7)

Sapphire Falls: Going Too Fast (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Big Easy Book 7) by Mari Carr

Book: Sapphire Falls: Going Too Fast (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Big Easy Book 7) by Mari Carr Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mari Carr
    Tacy crinkled up her face. “Stupid shit. Something about an emergency and leaving early and thanks for the week. Why did I do that?”
    Lauren’s answer was succinct and there was no question in her tone. Her friend was right. She’d panicked. In spectacular fashion. Then she’d acted like an idiot, leaving him a note. A note, for God’s sake!
    “He must hate me.” Tacy could only imagine how Zac would have felt waking up to find the bed empty and that horrible note on her pillow. “It was a terrible thing to do. Who says goodbye like that? And after such an amazing week?”
    “He doesn’t hate you.”
    Tacy didn’t acknowledge Lauren’s comment. Instead, she just buried her head deeper in her hands. “To make it worse, I left my phone in the RV. That’s why I couldn’t call you.”
    After leaving the RV this morning at the crack of dawn, Tacy had walked the almost-five miles to Lauren’s house. And she’d cursed herself for being an absolute idiot the entire way. Upon arriving at Lauren’s, she’d discovered her friend gone and recalled the mud run.
    Fortunately, Travis’ parents had passed her as she’d begun the trek to town. Her knee had started to hurt from so much walking and she’d been limping. The lovely couple had picked her up and driven her to town. Once there, she discovered she’d missed the mud run. Her first instinct had been to sit down and have a good old-fashioned cry right in the middle of the festival. Instead, she’d headed straight for the haunted house. She’d find some dark corner for her breakdown and if she was terrified out of her mind, it served her right for acting like such an idiot. She’d remained there for a long, terrifying hour, letting the tears fall without bothering to hide them, before daring to return to the carnival.
    Mercifully, she’d found Lauren almost immediately. Her friend had taken one look at her stressed-out, freaked-out, tear-stained face and dragged her directly to the Come Again for drinks.
    “Do you think you left your phone there subconsciously? Looking for a reason to go back?” Lauren asked.
    She shook her head. “No. Believe me, I wasn’t thinking that clearly. Left my favorite T-shirt and a pair of flip-flops too. What am I going to do, Lauren? I have no excuse for my behavior.”
    “Of course you do.”
    For the first time since sitting down, Tacy looked up and faced her friend, blowing out an exasperated breath. “I have no excuse. I’m going to tell him. Good God, how do you look at a guy you’ve known a handful of days and say, ‘hey, by the way, I’m totally in love with you’? He’ll think I’m a lunatic.”
    Lauren grinned and Tacy realized her friend wasn’t looking at her, but over her shoulder.
    “Why don’t you turn around and test that lunatic theory?”
    Tacy winced at the sound of Zac’s voice. She didn’t move, didn’t take her eyes off Lauren’s face. “How long has he been behind me?”
    Lauren scrunched up her face and pretended to consider her question. “I think you were saying something about being a freaking idiot. Was that it, Zac? Freaking idiot?”
    “Yep. Freaking idiot,” he repeated.
    The humor in his tone was the only thing that gave her the courage to stand up, turn around and face him. That, and the fact he and Lauren were having a lot of fun at her expense. “You’re both assholes.”
    Zac laughed and there wasn’t a trace of anger on his face.
    Every ounce of regret and fear that had consumed her today vanished.
    He reached for her. “I owed you a little payback for running out on me this morning. I’ve driven all over this damn town looking for you.”
    She walked over to him, taking the hand he offered, loving how warm and strong it was. “I was hiding in the haunted house.”
    Zac tugged her toward him, wrapping her up in a tight hug. “Damn. That was a serious panic attack. You’re limping.”
    “Sort of overdid it on the walking today.”

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