Sacrifice: The Demontouched Saga (Book 5)

Sacrifice: The Demontouched Saga (Book 5) by Douglas Wayne

Book: Sacrifice: The Demontouched Saga (Book 5) by Douglas Wayne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Douglas Wayne
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    “We’re going to need more men,” I say, walking back to our makeshift command shack thankful that Nancy also had the gift of healing. I wouldn’t have been much use here if I had to limp around like I had to a few days ago.
    Part of me feels guilty she wasn’t completely able to heal Ralph though. Not that she didn’t try.
    She was able to heal his shattered hip and legs though his lower body paralysis had set in for far too long for her to be of much use.
    I’ll say one thing about the man, he has a wonderful wife. With a woman like that on his side I’m sure he will be well taken care of.
    “The defenses weren’t this built up like this the last time I was out here,” Nal says pacing alongside the cars.
    As of now, we’re sitting about four hundred yards away from a ten foot tall brick wall that surrounds what used to be an eighty home subdivision at one point. Inside those walls are a group of people that Nal believes are allied with the demons planning on opening the rift. How he got the information is beyond me, but I suspect they crossed him somewhere down the road. He may be a good person deep down, but he has worked with his fair share of shady people in his past.
    According to Nal, this group has a history of murder, rape, kidnapping, and pretty much every other nasty crime they could do against humanity. Their rap sheet is enough motivation for me to want to take them down, but only if the cost is right.
    “How many of those do they have?” I say, pointing to a guard tower on the edge of the compound. Up above I can make out two figures holding weapons scanning the area for intruders. Thankfully, they are blind to us due to both our position in the surrounding tree line, and the cover of darkness.
    The remnants of the surrounding houses litter the area around the wall, some of the piles still smoldering. Add to the removal of any plant life for about two blocks and you have a group of people who wants to know when people approach. I can’t say I argue with that as a defense.
    “I see four on this side,” he says. “Hard to say how many more there are without light.”
    “Light is one thing we don’t need,” I say watching the movements above. “It’s going to be bloody enough in the dark.”
    “You not feeling it?” Nal asks, looking at me with a concerned look on his face.
    “I’m not in charge here,” I say, hand on his shoulder. “You are. I’m with you whatever you choose. But, I think we will lose too many people taking this group down as things stand.”
    “I’m with you,” he says. “Let’s spread the word to pack it up and head back to the compound.”
    I jump out of my skin when I notice Nancy walks out from around the side of the house. Even today she looks the same as the last time I saw her. Without the bullet wound, of course. Part of me is having a hard time believing she is with us at the moment. And as Malachi’s vessel, nonetheless.
    It feels like only yesterday when I left her in the hospital after saving her from Duncan’s men on the north side of town. I feel bad knowing she got shot trying to save us, but apparently things are working out pretty well for her.
    “If we can coordinate an attack on the towers using silent weaponry, we should be able to overrun the camp without many casualties.” Nancy says approaching the shack.
    “They will see us long before they could get a shot off,” I say.
    Nal nods his head. “The best we can hope for with a bow or crossbow is about fifty yards in one direction. In our case we will be aiming at moving targets another five yards in the air to make it worse. If we are going to do this, we should get men stationed to kill the sentries at the same time. Yeah, the camp will know something is going on, but we can be on our way in long before then.”
    “There is another option,” she says, looking over at me.
    I shrug my shoulders. “My range is worse than that

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