Ruthless (Dark MC Romance)
    “Please, I’m not even with the Tigers. Don’t kill me!”
    His pathetic, quivering face enraged me. He wasn’t fit to survive in this world and it was my duty to extinguish him.
    Natural selection.
    I seized a fistful of his hair and he screamed. Yanking him hard, I positioned him over the disgusting toilet and shoved his face inside. The greasy, fat man struggled hard, but I pushed his fucking face in the piss-stained bowl and dug my pistol at the back of his head. I shot him five or six times, the yellow water shooting up and drenching the back of his head.
    Covered in blood, I woke up to myself, shaking with the aftermaths of frenzied rage. I looked at the back of his skull, peppered with gunshots and the filth spilling onto the floor. Spike gave me an unreadable look as I swept beside him.
    The drug seized control of my body. I was not a fool who acted on impulse, and yet, I acted foolishly, taking risks I normally would have never taken. I stood in the bar and admired my handiwork. Messy, but effective.
    “Jesus Christ. I need a cigarette after that.”
    Spike crossed his arms and leaned against one of the few areas free of blood splatters.
    The energy was already leaving me, draining out of my limbs like blood. I wanted more but instead I dropped it on the floor and crushed the vial with my foot.
    That’s six hundred dollars you’re wasting. I lifted my boot and picked the vial back up, shoving it deep in my pocket.
    “Spike, go through their office. See if there’s anything worth taking.”
    The lanky man gave me a mutinous look before he pushed off and ambled into the back. The carnage in the bar was incredible. I could feel the blood in the air saturating my skin and bringing me calm. The beast inside me was appeased, but now I had to fight a roaring urge to fly back to the clubhouse and fuck Julia senseless.
    A rattling, glass sound caught my attention. Spike held a toaster-oven sized box, grinning widely.
    “Looks like they were holding a bit of product in the back.”
    I peeked inside and soared as I saw the little red vials. “We need to find out who is their distributor.”
    “Let’s leave, then?”
    We stepped over broken bodies and pools of blood. I stopped at the threshold. “We need to leave a sign.”
    Spike balanced the box on his hip. “We could arrange their bodies to spell out something.”
    I ignored the lilt in his voice. “Too much trouble.”
    I walked back inside and knelt down, sinking my palm in a deep red pool. The blood was silky around my hand. I could almost feel it absorbing into my skin, strengthening me. Standing up, I rejoined Spike outside and slapped my blood-soaked palm on the glass window.
    * * *
    “You brought me back more of this shit?”
    I sighed, growing bored of Crash’s shitty attitude. My old lady stood outside and every so often I caught a glimpse of her laughing at something Spike said. My guts twisted as I watched them.
    “It’s thousands of dollars worth of Red. We voted to distribute.”
    He muttered something indistinct as he took the box from me.
    “I also think we should vote on whether Spike should become a member.” Not liking the look he gave me, I continued on. “He’s valuable. He could be a real asset to our team.”
    “Fine,” he said bitterly. “We’ll vote.”
    He’s such a pain in the ass lately.
    I gathered them all in the boardroom and sat at Crash’s left. “We’re here to vote a new member into the club. Spike. He’s proven himself to be an asset. I think he’ll be very valuable for the club.”
    “Yeah, he’s a good kid. He washed my bike the other day.”
    I let their laughs wash over my ears. The votes were unanimous. Spike was in.
    “Spike!” I yelled as I opened the door. “Get the fuck in here!”
    The others grinned as I sat back in my chair. They assumed grim faces as Spike opened the door.
    “You rang, boss?”
    “Sit down,” I snapped.
    Bewildered, he found a seat before Tank

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