Russian Billionaire's Bride (Chekov Billionaire Series Book 4)

Russian Billionaire's Bride (Chekov Billionaire Series Book 4) by Leona Lee

Book: Russian Billionaire's Bride (Chekov Billionaire Series Book 4) by Leona Lee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Leona Lee
Chapter 1
    Sarah gazed intently into the mirror as she wrinkled her nose. Reaching for her make-up, she added more base in an attempt to cover up the black and blue under her eyes.
     “You look fine, kotyonok,” came a deep voice, as he slid one arm around her waist and kissed her neck. “Besides, it will be dark in the club; no one will be looking at you that intently.”
    “Want to bet?” Sarah replied with a sigh. She would be seeing her family and friends for the first time since returning from New York and given everything that happened, she knew that she would be under the microscope.
    The last few months seemed like some sort of bad dream for Sarah. Heck, the past year , she silently corrected herself. Ever since she walked through the doors at VIC Enterprises, her life hasn’t been the same since. Not that she was complaining. Much.
    When she had first accepted the position as Vitaly Chekov’s personal assistant, she anticipated that she would learn much from one of the country’s most influential individuals in the logistics industry, but she had no idea that she would fall in love with him. Or be kidnapped , she thought ruefully, as she continued to adjust her make-up.
    “Penny for your thoughts,” Vitaly asked her as he kissed her neck. Tilting her head to give him more access, she sighed.
    “Thinking about all that’s happened,” she replied as she turned to nibble on his chin. Normally, the top of her head would barely reach his chest, but in her heels, she could easily nuzzle against him as he held her.
    Reaching for the zipper on her dress, he drew it down her side as he continued to kiss her neck.
    Moaning, “Vitaly, we will be late to our own party,” she attempted to admonish, as he slipped his hand in to cup her breast.
    “Exactly,” he replied, as he squeezed gently before his thumb found her nipple, already eager for his touch. “Our party. The guests can wait.”
    “Well, given what happened last time I was late for a party; do you think that they might be concerned?” Groaning, Vitaly stepped back and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.
    “Take off your dress,” he ordered. “I’ll be right back.” As he started to leave the room, he paused to look back at his lovely Sarah. “Leave the shoes on.”
    Smiling, Sarah shimmied out of her dress before walking to the bed. She had planned to surprise him later with what she had on underneath, but given how they were both feeling, now was an excellent time. As she bent to pull the blanket back, she heard a cough. Turning her head, she saw Vitaly leaning against the doorframe. His chocolate brown eyes practically smoldering as he looked as though he was ready to pounce on her.
    “I bought us some time,” he said as he walked toward her while unbuttoning his shirt. “But I think that we are still going to be late.”
    She smiled seductively, as he came around behind her. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her against him, as she ground against his erection.
    “What you do to me, kotyonok,” he told her as he admired the view.
    Sarah was wearing a red, raw-silk corset with matching thong and garters that attached to sheer silk stockings. Her Louboutins winked up at him with their classic red soles. Sliding his hands up her body, he felt her shiver in anticipation as he cupped her breasts, pulling her tightly against him. Sarah slid her arms over her head, as she wrapped them around his neck, leaning against him.
    His little kitten had grown so much since he first met her. From a virgin to a seductress, he was continually amazed at how she found ways to turn him on. While admittedly, he could have any woman he wanted, he thought, he found himself entranced by his little blonde spitfire who repeatedly showed him how intelligent and resourceful she was.
    If it wasn’t for her, he may have never known who really was responsible for the leaking of company secrets much less her unwavering support and work she put into keeping the contracts

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