Running in Fear: Cupid's Venom

Running in Fear: Cupid's Venom by Trinity Blacio

Book: Running in Fear: Cupid's Venom by Trinity Blacio Read Free Book Online
Authors: Trinity Blacio
Tags: Paranormal, mfm
You’ll be able to help her son and make him yours.”

    Cecil gasped and Marsha smiled. “Come on, Jaycee, let’s give these four sometime alone. You can talk to her later.”


    Chapter Ten

    The door behind them closed and Cecil watched as Tug and Rory moved forward, climbing onto the bed next to her. “Cecil?”

    Her gaze never left Clayton’s. “How can this be?” Her body trembled while Tug and Rory scooted closer to her, taking her hands and holding them.

    Clayton rose and slowly made his way to the bed, sitting on the edge of the bed. “My mother has three mates. I don’t know how or why, but all three of you are my mates. I know you’re scared, but I promise I’m not responsible for the labs. If you let me touch you, you’ll be able to see I’m telling you the truth. About the council, my men and I are called in when they need help. You could say we’re the muscle when things get out of hand, but I would never be a part of what happened to you.”

    She glanced at Tug, and he nodded. “He has been given the gift.
    That’s why he is part of the council. Both Rory and I can read him, as he can read us.”

    Tug let go of her hand, and she slowly held out her hand to him. It shook as he took her hand into his. An electrical current shot up her hand and through her body. Cecil wanted to pull her hand back, but she held still. His memories became hers. His time on the council showed no knowledge of the labs. Clayton’s powers were great, but he used them only when necessary.

    Everything he had said was true. Her gaze flashed to his, and she smiled. “You’re going to mate with Tug and Rory? Do I get to watch?”
    Her insides heated at the thought of watching Clayton burying his cock into Tug or Rory.

    All three of them moaned, and shook their heads. “Of all the things you saw, you have to pick that out?” Clayton cupped her cheek.
    “I’m sure you’ll be watching when it happens.”

    “Do you think you can help my son?” Cecil pulled her hand back.
    “I’m sorry my first child isn’t yours.”

    “Cecil, you didn’t do this. There is no need to apologize. We’ll find him and give him the home that he deserves.” Tug leaned over, kissing her. “So, are we still going to have your lasagna? Jaycee brought everything here with us.”

    Cecil laughed and glanced at Tug. “Well, if you want lasagna, I’d better get busy. But seriously, Clayton, please don’t do what these two 65

    dorks did and inject yourself with the serum.” Her gaze connected with his, pleading with him.

    “I can’t promise that, and you know that. How am I supposed to mate with the three of you if I’m not the same? Now, off with you. I need to talk to Tug and Rory.” He stood and held out his hand.

    He was taller than Rory or Tug and his bald head only enhanced his handsomeness. Cecil grasped his hand and he pulled her off the bed, drawing her inches from his body. He smiled down at her, cupping her cheek. “You have the biggest brown eyes. They remind me of Bette Davis’s eyes. I won’t hurt you, Cecil. I promise I’ll do everything to protect you.” He leaned down, kissing her soft lips, his tongue sliding across her bottom lip, then the top.

    Clayton cupped the back of her neck, bringer her closer. Cecil’s breast rubbed against his muscular chest while he nipped her lip and thrust his tongue into her mouth. He moaned as he stroked her tongue and did the flamingo dance with it.

    Cecil pulled back, grasping for breath. “You’re, um…well, I’d better get going.” Her face heated as they all laughed. Stepping around him, she made her way towards the door, then paused. “Please tell me before you do anything?”

    He nodded and smiled. “Go on. We’ll be down in a few.”

    Opening the door, Marsha stood there with her hand raised, ready to knock. Cecil smiled at the older woman. “Hi! I need to thank you for the help earlier.”

    Marsha stepped aside and smiled. “Nonsense. It’s

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