Royal Prick (A Stepbrother Romance)

Royal Prick (A Stepbrother Romance) by J.L. Beck

Book: Royal Prick (A Stepbrother Romance) by J.L. Beck Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.L. Beck
of us beyond repair.
    Still I’ll be damned if I didn’t want to risk sticking my hands into the flames for one last burning touch.

Chapter Ten
    I wish I could say things with Royal got less complicated that night, but they didn’t; they just got more confusing. My body hummed, and tingles cascaded across my skin whenever my mind drifted to him and the things that he said to me. The thoughts of my body lying firmly on top of his strong, warm chest was causing my heart to race and desire to pulse through me. Royal was the king of vaginal clenches.
    I couldn’t believe the asshole embarrassed me like that, even if it was just in front of him. He had a death wish. I was sure of it, or maybe it was just me he was trying to kill. Whether it was with embarrassment or lust, I wasn’t sure. Still his confession only made me want him that much more. I wanted to be that band-aid that could cover all of his wounds and protect him from the pain, but that just wasn’t a realistic thought.
                         “Earth to Noelle?” Jordan’s snarky and slightly drunk voice met my ears. We were supposed to be at the party already but stopped at the Falls to get our pre-drink on. I already downed a couple shots of whiskey and knew I needed to slow down in order to get us to Sasha’s house.
                         “I’m listening. I’m just a little lost inside of my own head right this second.” I lied. I wasn’t listening at all. I was however stuck inside my head, trying to figure out what Royal’s confession really meant.
                         “Well, it doesn’t matter either way. Supposedly Sasha and Royal are going to be official or something? It was all over Facebook .” Jordan paused to take a drink from the bottle of Jack Daniels , and then swiped her hand across her lips to get rid of any access liquor before offering the bottle back to me. I declined with a shake of my head.
                         “Mmmm, Facebook official? That must mean real life official then.” We both laughed, our laughter echoing out onto the lake before us. It was so peaceful out here, the moon casting a shadow out onto the water, and the stars seemed brighter out here away from the glow of the city lights. I could stay here forever.
                         “I’m going to miss you next year.” Jordan sounded sad, and a pout formed on her face.
                         “Our friendship is stronger than any amount of distance that could separate us,” I assured her then turned my attention up to the stars. Jordan was all I had when it came to friends; or even people that didn’t judge me. Without her, the last couple of years would’ve been one hot ass mess.
    “I’m not saying it’s not strong, I’m saying I’m going to miss you. As in miss seeing you every day. Miss our talks. Miss coming out here. Miss you in general.” Oh great, drunk Jordan was about to make her first appearance of the night.
    “Don’t be so emotional, Jo! I won’t be that far away from you. A city over at most.” It wasn’t a lie, at least not really. I planned to stay close to home, however, that way before Royal came crashing into my life and my mom got a hard on about every little thing I did. I needed an escape, and college would give me just that. The glow of the moon settled onto us, the heat of the night causing sweat to form on the back of my neck. I knew Jordan was getting emotional; it was just the kind of drunk she was.
    “I’m going to be okay, everything is going to be okay.” She sniffled through her sentence, and I couldn’t help but reach across the center console of the Jeep and wrap my arms around her, as much as I could in this small space. She leaned into my body, laying her head on my shoulder. We stayed like that for a short time before she pulled away from me wiping any stray tears from her

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