Rogue Alpha: Wolf Shifter Romance (Wild Lake Wolves Book 1)

Rogue Alpha: Wolf Shifter Romance (Wild Lake Wolves Book 1) by Kimber White Page A

Book: Rogue Alpha: Wolf Shifter Romance (Wild Lake Wolves Book 1) by Kimber White Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kimber White
could do for the creature. And after all, if he weren’t the one lying
there dying, I would be.
    I took another step then froze. Wind rustled through
the trees and I saw another flash of fur in the distance. This time, I didn’t
have enough time to aim the shotgun.
    My heart sank to my knees as the black wolf leaped
toward me, skidding to a halt just a few inches from me. My legs turned to
jelly and I found myself kneeling before Mal. His eyes blazed wild as I reached
for him. Before I could touch him, his fur shifted and rolled. With frightening
speed, the black wolf became the man. Mal towered over me, his sculpted from
dripping with sweat.
    “Laura,” his voice sounded more animal than human.
“Are you all right?”
    I nodded. I couldn’t form my own words yet. I
gestured by turning my head back toward the dying wolf. Mal looked back at me,
his eyes wide. He put a hand on my shoulder than passed me. He dropped to his
knees before the injured wolf and tore a hand through his hair.
    “Jesus. Laura. What have you done?”
    His words penetrated my brain and cleared the fog.
“I what? Mal, he would have ripped me apart.”
    Mal nodded as he cradled the wolf’s head in his
hands. “I know. Fuck. I know.”
    I readjusted the shotgun strap on my shoulder and
went to him. “Is that him? Did I kill Asher?”
    Mal shut his eyes tight and swallowed hard, shaking
his head. “I wish to God you had. No. This isn’t Asher. This is Luke.”
    Mal looked up toward the sky. His shoulders quaked
with an emotion I couldn’t place. Rage? Grief? Fear? Maybe all three. He threw
his head back and yelled, “Fuck!”
    I knelt beside him. “What was I supposed to do?”
    Mal didn’t seem to see me for a moment. He smoothed
a hand over Luke’s ears. The light had gone out of the wolf’s eyes. Blood still
poured from the wound on his shoulder so I didn’t think he was dead. Yet.
    “Help me,” Mal finally said. “Do you have something
in your bag? Something we can press into the wound and try to stop the
    “Laura!” Mal’s tone was harsh, commanding. It sent a
shiver through me.
    “Mal, why? Didn’t I tell you this one tried to kill
me? Just like you said.”
    Mal’s eyes flashed as he focused them on me. “And
now, you’re going to help me save his life. But, we have to hurry. Asher and
the others will be here any minute.”
    “Wha-what are we going to do?”
    “We’re going to get the hell out of here as fast as
we can. And we’re going to take him with us.”

    Chapter Fourteen
    I grabbed a shirt and a towel out of my pack and
tossed them to Mal. He pressed the shirt into Luke’s wound, then wrapped the
towel around his shoulder as best he could.
    “We’ve got to hurry,” Mal said. “Luke? Can you hear
me? Don’t try to shift.”
    The injured wolf’s head lolled to the side I saw the
faint rise and fall of his chest. His breathing was slow and shallow.
    “Can you run?” Mal said to me.
    I nodded.
    “Good. I can’t shift. I don’t think you’re strong
enough to carry him. How good are you with that thing?” He gestured with his
chin toward the shotgun.
    I cocked my head to the side as he hoisted Luke over
his shoulder. The wolf’s great head hung limp down to the middle of Mal’s back.
I gestured above my own left eyebrow and pointed to his. “I’d say I’m a hell of
a lot better with this thing than Byron Flood was. If I weren’t I’d be dead
right now.”
    Mal clenched his jaw and gave me a quick nod. “Good.
Stay sharp. Step exactly where I step. You see anything on four legs bigger
than a squirrel headed our way, shoot it.”
    I didn’t have a chance to answer him. Mal started
running northwest. Fast. I heaved my backpack to my other shoulder and took off
after him, trying to do as he said. Even on two legs and lugging one hundred
and forty-odd pounds of almost dead wolf over his shoulder, Mal was
unbelievably fast. I couldn’t hope to keep up, so I just tried to

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