Rogue Alpha: Wolf Shifter Romance (Wild Lake Wolves Book 1)

Rogue Alpha: Wolf Shifter Romance (Wild Lake Wolves Book 1) by Kimber White

Book: Rogue Alpha: Wolf Shifter Romance (Wild Lake Wolves Book 1) by Kimber White Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kimber White
would never be the same.
    I got careless as all these thoughts swirled in my
brain. I took a wrong step and thick branches entangled my ankle. I went down
hard, landing on my right hip.
    “Shit.” I grimaced. I set the shotgun beside me and
freed my leg. Shooting pain went down my leg, but I knew I hadn’t broken
anything. I took a breath and looked around. I’d reached the densest part of
the forest, far from any of the ranger’s trails. Sweat poured down the back of
my neck. Leaves and twigs stuck to my clothes and tangled my hair. God, I had
to look like I belonged here now. Some wild thing thrashing on the forest
    I got my feet under me and leaned down to grab my
pack. A twig cracked to my left, loud as a firecracker. I crouched low and
grabbed the gun, tucking it carefully under my right arm. At first, I couldn’t
see anything. Then, a flock of birds took flight all at once from the branches
of a large elm in front of me, shaking the leaves as they went.
    Something was moving toward me. Something big.
    I whirled around, sliding my left hand down the
barrel of the shotgun, I racked a round and jammed the stock into my right
shoulder. My fingers closed around the trigger as I looked through the scope.
But, the lens was fogged. I couldn’t see a damn thing.
    A blur of motion came toward me. Gray fur. Cold
eyes. White fangs glinting in the sunlight. Then the wolf stopped running. He
crouched low, held his tail high and snarled as he approached.
    Two seconds. Two breaths. Fire flashed in the wolf’s
eyes as he lunged. I squeezed the trigger. The recoil knocked me backward, flat
on my ass, but I kept my grip on the gun. The wolf howled once as it happened
and I saw a cloud of red burst from his right shoulder. Adrenalin propelled the
wolf forward. Though my own shoulder screamed in pain from the impact, I raised
the gun again and racked another round, ready to take the kill shot.
    The wolf dropped just a few feet in front of me and
skidded, his teeth still bared, his nostrils flared from the effort of
breathing. But, he was no longer a threat.
    I sank to my knees, stumbling forward. I laid the
gun on the ground and knelt in front of him. Dark blood poured out of the
gaping wound on his shoulder. I’d aimed too far to the left. I could see the
shell had not penetrated but actually grazed him, tearing a gash the size of a
baseball across his shoulder and part of his right flank. Had my shot gone just
a few inches to the right, I likely would have blown his head clean off.
    Still, as blood leached out of the massive wound,
the wolf fixed his gaze on mine. He didn’t shift, but his eyes dimmed, becoming
more human than wolf as his life started to drain away. There was so much
blood. It coated the wolf’s fur, turning him more brown than gray. It matted
the leaves in front of him.
    I wanted to touch him. I can’t explain it. Like
everything that had happened to me since the moment Mal stepped into my life,
my instincts turned inside out. This wolf was a killer. If I hadn’t gotten the
shot off, he would have torn me to bits. I’d seen the bloodlust clouding his
cold green eyes.
    But all that was gone now. All that remained was a
creature in pain. And yet, I knew he wasn’t alone. He had a pack nearby and my
gunshot had echoed through the trees. Black crows already circled overhead as
the smell of death reached their senses.
    I gave one last look to the dying wolf and found my
feet beneath me. The trauma of the last few moments disoriented me. I couldn’t
remember what direction I’d been headed. I closed my eyes and tried to slow my
wildly beating heart. I had a strange compulsion to call out to Mal, even
though I knew it was foolish. Drawing even more attention to my position could
prove deadly.
    I took the first halting steps forward, trusting my
instincts to lead the way. The wolf let out pitiful whine behind me. I felt
pulled to him too, but staying here would only bring danger. There was nothing
else I

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