Rise of the Order

Rise of the Order by Trevor Scott

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Authors: Trevor Scott
Tags: Fiction, Thrillers, Espionage
of Krupjak. The two of them played hockey together in their youth. Krupjak went on to the old Czechoslovakian national team before he was injured. He played in the nineteen-eighty Olympics. Of course, the Americans won that year. Anyway, we understand that Krupjak tried to defect while in Lake Placid, New York. He was sent back to Prague and they broke his left knee. His dream was to play in the NHL, but at that time.” She broke off and shrugged her shoulders.
    â€œHe was no longer welcome on the national team or even in the East European leagues.”
    â€œRight. He ended up working in a Skoda factory in his home town, Mlada Boleslav, in the Czech Republic.” She scrolled back to Krupjak’s file. “Left factory work to join the Teutonic Order as a Brother.”
    â€œHe didn’t have to be a priest?” Jake asked.
    â€œNo. Brothers come from all walks of life. They can be priests, but most are not. They must take vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, though.”
    Jake went for the computer and his hand touched hers. She looked at him and then slowly moved her hand aside. He scrolled back down to Grago.
    â€œThis guy also played hockey?” Jake asked her.
    â€œYeah, not as well as Krupjak. Grago made the junior team with Krupjak, and that’s where they met, but he never made the senior national team. They call Grago the Butcher of Prague.”
    â€œHe’s a butcher. . .and he’s from Prague.” She tried not to smile. “Also, he’s quite brutal. Uses knives. Intel says he was an enforcer for the old KGB in Prague. Then, there’s this guy.” She scrolled to another page on her computer, which showed a man who had been seriously hit with an ugly stick. “Jiri Sikora. He’s Slovak. From Bratislava.”
    Jake said, “Let me guess. . .also played hockey.”
    â€œRight. Czechoslovak junior national team with Miko and Grago. Like Grago, though, he didn’t make the Olympic team. I think he was the set-up man in Bratislava.”
    â€œYou mean the man who originally spilled his guts to the Order priest in confession,” Jake said.
    â€œJa. We think he mentioned his confession to his friends Miko and Grago and they killed the Order priest. Sikora isn’t as strong and hardened as the other two.”
    â€œMight be a place to start.”
    Anna had a confused expression on her face.
    â€œWhy kill the second priest?”
    â€œThe two priests were best friends,” Jake said. “Had been ordained together. They had to guess the Order priest would have confided in the parish priest.” Either that, or they had an old beef with them—something from their past in the Order.
    Jake got up and went to the living room window, which overlooked a forested hill, the pines and naked deciduous trees dripping with melting snow. The sun was doing its best to rise, but the swirling clouds changed the lighting from moment to moment.
    Anna came to his side. “There’s a trail that leads up into the hills,” she said. “I usually run each morning. But I’m sure the trails are all slush now.”
    â€œThat T-shirt,” Jake said. “Were you on the Austrian Olympic Team?”
    She pulled on her shirt. “Biathlon.”
    â€œReally? The Nordic equivalent of a drive-by shooting. That’s a tough sport. So, you’re also a great shot with the rifle. Anything else I should know about you?”
    Gazing out to the trees across the street, she said, “I haven’t been entirely honest with you, Jake.”
    He waited, not saying a word. He was nothing if not patient.
    â€œI’ve been directed to work with you,” she said.
    He couldn’t keep his brows from furling. How was that? Let her explain, he thought.
    She continued, “Herr Albrecht, as you might know, is related to our president by way of his sister.”
    He knew that.

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