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Authors: Jennifer LaRose
she slipped from my hands.” God, it was so frightening, and
she regretted her lack of strength to hold onto Rochelle long enough to drag
her to safety. “I couldn’t see anything through the mucky water, and I panicked
because I couldn’t find Rochelle.”
    “You’re lucky to be alive.” He brought her hand to his mouth
and kissed her fingers.
    The kind gesture filled her with warmth. “At the time, when
the current was whipping me around like a rag doll, slamming me into boulders,
I didn’t think so.” She couldn’t even imagine what Rochelle endured. “But after
it finally spit me out near an embankment where campers pulled me to safety, I
thanked God for sparing my life.”
    “And Rochelle?”
    She glanced into his eyes. “They found her body tangled in a
group of fallen trees the following evening. I couldn’t participate in the
search because the doctor had admitted me to the hospital for observation.” It
took her a long time to overcome that hurdle in her life. Truth was, she did
blame herself for Rochelle’s death, and it took an entire year to get through
the tragedy.
    “Undercurrents are a powerful force. You really are lucky. I
can’t imagine your injuries.”
    “Broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and six stitches on my
right hip.”
    “I’ve seen the scar.”
    She flushed. “Now you know what caused it.” He’d made love
to it with his mouth many times over the past few days. “It’s the first time I
ever saw my dad cry.”
    “I can understand why. His baby girl encountered a close
    Her fingers trembled as she brought the drink to her lips. Was
the trembling because the memories still upset her, or because of the manner in
which Brent glared at her now—his peepers were performing a mass seduction all
over her body. She tipped the glass and swallowed. Yikes. Major head rush. “Why do you know so much about me, but I know nothing about you?”
    “You never asked.”
    I wanted to but was too scared. “Look at you now.
You’re a pirate.”
    “I’m not a pirate.” He smiled a crooked smile. “There’s
nothing like riding the seas, Annalee. It’s one of the most relaxing excursions
you’ll ever encounter.”
    Just the thought of lying on a bed with Brent and floating
with the water’s motion turned her on. “I bet it is. You pick the date.” The
relaxing, beautiful, deep-blue sea had no idea what she was in for with Brent
Delaney and Annalee Parschen riding her waves .
    Whoa, her head was getting fuzzy, and the room slightly
tilted. She clutched the table.
    “Can I get you folks another drink?”
    Annalee’s head snapped up. The friendly blonde hostess who’d
too liberally flirted with Brent during the last refill had returned.
Seriously, didn’t it matter how close Annalee sat beside him?
    Well, she’d fix that. Grabbing Brent’s thigh, she pulled
herself even closer.
    Really, who could blame the blonde for oogly-googling him? A
man with his prominent good looks and stature didn’t go unnoticed. Annalee
should just be thankful for the distraction because it chopped up their gloomy
conversation. Whenever she talked about Rochelle, it brought her to tears.
“None for me thanks,” Annalee said. She really wanted one but she’d already had
too much. How many again?
    Maybe when Brody arrived the hostess would switch her
attention to him, since his gorgeousness would be sitting alone on the empty
    Annalee lowered her gaze to Brent and playfully batted her
lashes. “What about you, babe ? Would you like another beer before
dinner?” Holy moly, the room tilted to the opposite side. That shift should’ve
leveled it, but it didn’t.
    He glanced at Annalee over his nose. “Sure, one more,” he
responded, not removing his eyes from Annalee’s superficial grin.
    “Another beer coming up. I’ll be right back, sweetie,”
Blondie said, then turned and rushed toward the bar, wiggling her ass in a
thigh-high, tight black skirt.
    Surprisingly he kept his gaze

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