RidingtheWaves by Jennifer LaRose

Book: RidingtheWaves by Jennifer LaRose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer LaRose
blasted Jared’s quick fucks out of the
water. And then there was the one where Brody remained in the same room. Holy
cow, the thrill of trying not to get caught while Brent lay with his cock
buried deep inside her was incredible. What an assortment of total
deliciousness for a girl used to the same ole routine. Brent was an insatiable
fucking machine.
    Jared who?
    The hunger in Brent’s eyes still flooded her in warmth. Like
now, sitting beside him in the booth set her panties on fire. His black shirt
sleeves were double folded, exposing his muscular forearms, and he’d left the
top three buttons unfastened. Dark, fine hairs lightly coated his breastbone,
and his chest was just, wowser.
    She squirmed in the red vinyl seat and crossed her legs,
welcoming the much-needed break to her aching thighs. When she returned from
work last night and this evening, she hadn’t even taken off her coat before
he’d yanked off her panties and hose, laid her on the kitchen table and fucked
her crazy. And then came more. A lot more. The man’s stamina wouldn’t quit.
    The vision spurred an enticing jolt along her spine. If she
didn’t kill it immediately, she’d be leaving a wet spot on the seat. It didn’t
really bother her, but the next patron might not appreciate it much. She
hiccupped right before she lifted her glass and sipped the drink. “What time
did you tell Brody to meet us?”
    Brent glanced at her glass then at her as if saying, You
know what time, Annalee. “Seven.”
    She released his arm and woke up her cell phone to check the
time. The numbers appeared a little blurry before they started wiggling. Freaky .
She shifted it back into sleep mode and placed it on the table.
    If he showed up on time, they had at least twenty more
minutes to wait before placing their dinner order. It wasn’t a big deal. The
alcohol filled her up just fine. Although arriving early to relax and have a
few drinks wasn’t the best idea she’d ever had. “So, Brent,” she blurted,
glancing around the restaurant. For a Tuesday evening it was pretty packed. “I
still can’t believe you’re here.”
    “My only regret is waiting so long.”
    Should she ask why he’d waited even though it didn’t seem
important at the moment? If he’d arrived any sooner, she would’ve still been
engaged to Jared, and this congenial affair wouldn’t be taking place. She’d
have missed the opportunity to be on the receiving end of Brent’s sexual
appetite. Now that would’ve been a deprivation worth crying over.
    “Come ride the waves with me sometime, Annalee.”
    She nearly choked. Ride the waves? “Excuse me?”
    He snickered. “Accompany me out to sea.”
    Out to sea? She smiled and lowered her gaze to the
dessert menu. “That sounds romantic.” And sexy.
    “I can make it whatever you want.”
    She didn’t doubt that.“I love the water, but I
haven’t stepped foot off shore since my high school girlfriend Rochelle drowned
in Rocky River.” Annalee would never, ever forget how desperately she fought to
save Rochelle’s life. “Our canoe flipped.”
    “I’m sorry to hear that. Do you want to talk about it?”
    She shrugged and fidgeted with her glass, listening to ice
cubes tinkle against the sides as she spun it in a slow circle. “Not really.”
    “Annalee?” He rubbed her cheek with the back of his hand.
    “It’s just,” she sighed, tightening her hand around the
tumbler, and took a long, hearty drink. “I couldn’t save her.”
    “It sounds like you’re blaming yourself.”
    “No, not anymore. I did everything possible. Her head
smacked a huge rock when we tipped. She was barely conscious and couldn’t tread
water when the current started pulling her downstream.”
    “No lifejacket?”
    “It fell off.” One minute she sat in the canoe wearing a
bright-orange vest, then the next, when she bobbed up from the river, it was
gone. “I reached her and grasped hold of her arm, but when the undercurrent
yanked us under,

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