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Authors: Dean Crawford
Tags: thriller, adventure, Action
replied without revealing her surprise at Sigby’s gesture.
    ‘Recognition’s the last thing I want. Just say that it’s an aid worker, and only use the shots where you can’t see my face.’
    With that, Megan turned and with Callum walked out of the hotel room, leaving Sigby to his broadcast. Callum appeared confused as they walked away down the chilly, dark corridor outside.
    ‘I thought you’d still want the exposure,’ he remarked. ‘It might help us.’
    Megan shook her head.
    ‘I’m done with being on the news. Let Sigby get the credit – it’ll make him more inclined to keep helping us.’
    Global News Network UK Ltd,
    ‘Twenty seconds! Let’s run the feed and get ready to fit him in!’
    Harrison Forbes’ voice crackled from his office as the large plasma screens along one wall above the operations room showed news broadcasts in several languages, all part of the GNN chain of news networks in different countries.
    Harrison focused on the British television broadcast as the night’s anchor, a female presenter with a suitably sombre expression, spoke in a clear, cut–glass English accent.
    ‘The situation in Mordania has been one of confusion over the past few weeks, with a dearth of accurate information coming from the country’s interior. Despite two resolutions being passed within the United Nations, no clear path forward for either the humanitarian effort or the proposed military solution to the conflict have been put forward. However, in a ground–breaking exclusive report our correspondent in Mordania has successfully obtained footage from inside the country, giving a window into a secret world of suffering that nobody in the west has seen for months. Martin, can you hear me?’

    ‘Roll feed and link!’ Harrison snapped.
    The screens split and an image of Martin Sigby appeared alongside that of the anchor, the city of Thessalia framing the night behind him, occasional forlorn street lights flickering weakly in the distance.
    ‘Hello Charlotte, yes I can hear you.’
    ‘What can you tell us about the extraordinary footage you have for us tonight?’
    Martin Sigby cultivated a solemn expression.
    ‘Well, Charlotte, as you know there have been no reliable and authentic, neutral news reports from within Mordania for more than four months now, despite an abundance of rumours of heavy fighting and a severe humanitarian crises. The government here in Mordania has claimed that it has provided suitable resources for the population that remains within its reach, but our footage throws doubt upon those claims.’ Sigby’s face became deeply serious. ‘Some people may find the following images disturbing.’

    Harrison Forbes’s eyes narrowed as he watched, and he became aware that the fifty or so people in the broadcast room had fallen silent.
    An image of a grubby, rubble strewn village filled the screen, clearly shot from a moving vehicle. Martin Sigby’s voice intoned over the scenes.
    ‘The remains of what was once a beautiful town in rural Mordania, the jewel of a democratic state shattered by the hammer of civil war. The people here are starving despite living barely five miles from the government controlled capital city, Thessalia. The conflict has reached even here, the rage of a rebel force undiminished even this far from the centre of the conflict.’

    A gunshot, and suddenly the vehicle is swerving off the road and screeching to a halt. Shouts, echoes, commands and heavy, nervous breathing.
    ‘This is not an attack on a military brigade,’ Sigby’s voice intoned. ‘This is an aid convoy en–route to a village in the mountains. No target is considered off–limits by the rebel forces.’

    Harrison Forbes raised an eyebrow.
    ‘Well done, Mister Sigby.’ He turned to an associate sitting behind a computer terminal. ‘What are the viewing figures?’
    The associate glanced at his screen.
    ‘Undetermined, but climbing rapidly.’
    Forbes thought for a moment. Sigby

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