Resilience by Bailey Bradford

Book: Resilience by Bailey Bradford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bailey Bradford
balls. Todd pumped frantically, smearing pre-cum along his length and rubbing at his hole. It was so tempting, the idea of pushing his fingertip in, but he wouldn’t.
    No, instead he’d think of Adam, imagine him covering Todd, his bare chest pressed to Todd’s back. Todd moaned and closed his eyes, feeling it, seeing it. Adam’s cock would be thick, wet, slicked and ready to go. He’d growl and grip Todd’s shoulders, then spear him in one fierce thrust—
    Todd screamed, his mind blanking then as his orgasm tore through him. His balls
    ached and his cock spilled hot cum over his fingers and onto the countertop. Todd panted and stroked himself through it, then winced when his dick seemed to instantly become hypersensitive.
    Jesus, fantasies like that were going to kill him! He’d imagined a burning pain, like he’d read about in the few stories he’d been brave enough to check out online. He wasn’t looking forwards to that part, but the idea of Adam in him, filling him, claiming him, of that growling, thrusting, wild man… Todd felt lightheaded just thinking about it! He chuffled and prised his eyes open. “Get it together before ya pass out, dipshit.” His reflection smirked back at him. Todd blinked, surprised at how erotic he looked. Then he decided it was a good look for him, one he wanted Adam to see as soon as possible.
    Which meant he needed to get cleaned up—and wipe down the mess he’d made on the
    countertop—then get his ass on over to Gabe’s. Maybe Adam would be there already. Todd checked his phone. No reply yet from Adam, but that was okay. Sometimes he had surgeries to do or appointments.
    Todd got in the shower, smiling and happier than he’d been in a long while. When he’d finished cleaning up and got into bed, Todd thought he’d have trouble going to sleep. He’d never done anything so bold as what he’d done earlier, and expected it to bother him. But it didn’t, and he was asleep within minutes of his head hitting the pillow. He woke up feeling good, almost like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Todd liked it. A lot.
    The day passed pretty quickly, until a few hours before he was supposed to—
    hopefully—meet Adam. Todd had sent texts to Adam throughout the day, texts that made his cheeks burn hot and his dick so hard he was tempted to jerk off again. He didn’t, because he was hoping Adam would touch him, let Todd touch him in return. If he came, he wanted it to be because Adam made him.
    Todd was thinking about the ways that might possibly happen when he went to feed
    and water the dogs out back. His mind was definitely in the gutter and his gaze was on the ground, which was probably why he didn’t see his father until the man stepped right in front of him.
    “Father—” he started, pulling himself up short before he ran right into him. Then Todd saw it, the long, dark piece of pipe in his father’s right hand. “What are you doing?” he rasped, fear clogging his throat as his pulse shot into warp speed. Years of terror at this man’s hands froze Todd to the spot before he remembered he’d stood up to him not that long ago.
    “You’ve become an embarrassment, and an unrepentant sinner,” his father said, his
    eyes blazing with hatred. Todd wondered why he’d never seen it before. “I won’t have someone like you for a son. The Bible is clear, children must honour their parents in order to live a long life. You have dishonoured me and your mother.”
    Todd glanced at that pipe then couldn’t look away from it. Surely his father was just trying to scare him? He wouldn’t seriously try to use that! “The Bible also tells fathers not to provoke their children to wrath.” Todd jerked his gaze up then, shocked that he’d said such a thing. It was true, but not what should be coming out of his mouth when he was faced with the situation he was in.
    His father canted his head slightly and studied him. “And are you angry, Todd? Is
    wrath not a

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