Repossessed by A. M. Jenkins

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Authors: A. M. Jenkins
He’d make sure Lane and I had time alone.
    â€œYou invited Lane Henneberger to my house,” Bailey echoed. “Without asking me ?”
    We were standing in the lunch line, waiting to be served something on a round bun. I perceived ketchup packets on the trays of people farther down the line, and felt a flutter of anticipation.
    â€œWhy’d you do that?” Bailey complained.
    â€œI have no chance at a union with Lane in her house,” I pointed out.
    â€œYou have no chance at a union with Lane in my house, dude. And unless I’ve missed something, you barely even know Lane.”
    â€œI know her very well.”
    â€œYeah? When’s the last time you talked to her?”
    â€œThis afternoon.”
    â€œBefore…this week. When’s the last time you said anything to Lane Henneberger before this week?”
    â€œI don’t remember.”
    â€œThe last time I know of was back in second grade. Remember we yelled ‘Banzai!’ and threw water balloons at her in the street?”
    â€œAre you refusing to let her come over?”
    â€œI don’t care if she comes over. You’re totally missing the point.”
    Bailey was the one missing the point. And I couldn’t explain it to him. He hadn’t seen Lane pining for Shaun, hadn’t seen her writing lustful pages about the way Shaun’s hair curled on the back of his neck. She loved Shaun, and was more than ready to demonstrate her feelings. As I was ready to demonstrate mine.
    I sighed. “Okay, Bailey, what’s the point I’m missing?”
    â€œEven if she would let you get in her pants, you aren’t going to have a chance to try.”
    â€œAll you have to do is leave us alone in your room for a little while.”
    â€œWhat do you think, my mom and I are going to wait in the driveway while you seduce her?”
    â€œOh, yeah.” I remembered. “Your mom.”
    â€œDuh!” Bailey’s mother never minded teenagers coming into her house. She never minded if they ate her food and stayed for hours. She just always seemed to have one eye and ear on them.
    â€œHmm. That could be a problem. I’ve already invited Lane, though.” I thought about it. “If the three of us are in your room, could you go for a snack and not come back for, say, an hour?”
    â€œThirty minutes?”
    â€œAnd what do you want me to tell my mother when she asks why I’m hanging around the kitchen while you two are in my room with the door shut?”
    â€œThat you’re very hungry?”
    â€œShaun. Think with your head and not your nuts. It’s not going to work .”
    Logically speaking, I knew he was right. Still, I felt positive about the outcome. Somehow I would manage to get time alone with my Lane.
    â€œWell,” I said, unable to come up with any other ideas on the spur of the moment, “why don’t we proceed as planned, then, and just keep an eye out for the opportunity which may present itself?”
    â€œOkay, I will proceed as planned. Lane and I will come over to your house to do homework.”
    â€œI totally don’t care. Just don’t expect anything from me. Or my mom.”
    â€œI won’t.”
    â€œAnd do you know how weird you’ve been talking?”
    â€œNo,” I began, but then I realized what he meant was that I had not been using Shaun’s grammatical patterns.
    I was starting to slip.
    â€œWhatever,” I said quickly.
    But Bailey was already shaking his head as he picked up his tray.

    W hen I sat down at our table, my tray held a hamburger and a small mound of French fries, but only four ketchup packets. The stingy net-head behind the counter wouldn’t give me more than that.
    â€œCan I have your ketchup?” I asked Bailey.
    I sighed. I rather enjoyed sighing.
    I carefully tore one packet and squished the ketchup out, onto

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