Refuge: Kurt's Quest

Refuge: Kurt's Quest by Doug Dandridge

Book: Refuge: Kurt's Quest by Doug Dandridge Read Free Book Online
Authors: Doug Dandridge
and stabbed both
of them forward into the warrior as he fell forward, off balance from the
sudden cessation of her resistance to him.
    Catching something out of the corner of her
eye, she ducked and twisted just in time to avoid a heavy spear that passed by,
its head glowing with power.  The weapon smacked into the heavy iron shod gate,
the shaft quivering after the head passed into and through the wood.
    The Major swung both of her blades at one of
the u shaped structures that held the heavy bar in place.  The blades sliced
partially through the metal, not as far as she wanted.  Several arrows came
flying in at her, two striking and bouncing from helm and chain.  Her attention
was distracted from trying to get the gate open, and she turned to go on guard
against a half score of men who were heading for her.
    I don’t have time for this , she thought, boosting
her metabolism into high speed.  In that state she turned back to the bar,
grasped it, and jerked it upwards.  It took three strong men to raise and lower
that bar, and with cracking muscles and braced feet she pulled it up out of the
four brackets, then tossed the wooden timber over her head.
    She turned back, waiting to be hit by many
weapons, to be greeted by the sight of four of the enemy falling to the ground
with arrows or spears protruding from their bodies.  And Gromli standing at the
door to the lowest level of the tower, two other knights by his side, battling
their way into the area in front of the gate.
    The gate behind her shook, then one side
started to push in.  The enemy men yelled out, more of them heading for the
gate.  Gromli and his men struck some of them down from behind, then moved out
to make room for more of their people.  Jackie stood her ground, striking down
the men who tried to get through her to the gate.
    One valve of the gate was pushed open three
quarters of the way, and the first of the men on the other side came running
in, crying out in their rage, ready to finally come to grips with the people
who had been galling them.  Jackie waited for them to get up to her and joined
them in their charge.  Soon the King’s men were the ones outnumbered, fighting
on the defensive.  And soon after that the fight was over, with those who did
not think the king they served worth dying for dropping their weapons and
throwing themselves on the mercy of the invaders.
    *     *      *
    “You have to do something,” sent the King of
the Nords over the scrying ball.
    “And what do you expect me to do, King Gotrik?”
asked the Ellala Emperor from his chambers in A’atapona.  “I have no men near
to you.”  Because I have need of them to fight these damned Germans and
Americans.  And the traitors who stand with them .  He had thought it would
be an easy task to destroy the newcomers, who now battled without their
fearsome war machines.  He had been proven wrong, and they had revealed a
method of fighting unknown upon this world.  A method that had already cost him
an army.
    “Can you not send some dragons?” asked the far
    The Emperor looked into the frightened eyes of
the King through the ball.  And we’re short on those as well.  Maybe after
the newcomers up there are separated into a smaller group, I might be able to
send a couple up there.   “I will see what I can do, Gotrik,” he told his
vassal, a lie, and one the other man might see through as well.  But he will
soon be dead, and no longer a concern.
    “Hurry,” said the human, his nervous expression
looking out of the globe, the sweat visible on his dripping forehead.
    The Emperor waved his hand, and the scrying
ball went blank.  No use worrying about a man who is already dead, and a
human besides , thought the Half Litch, walking from the room.  The next
room over had a map of the north, including the Kingdom of the Nords, the North
Sea, and the Northern Peninsula that was the target of his search.  A wild land
of barbarians, both human and

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