Redheart (Leland Dragon Series)

Redheart (Leland Dragon Series) by Jackie Gamber

Book: Redheart (Leland Dragon Series) by Jackie Gamber Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jackie Gamber
refused to be embarrassed. He wouldn’t let her have that.
    “Just climb on, it’s easy. Well, not as easy as returning. The shard does most of the work then, because it always wants to come back home, so to speak.”
    He stepped onto the stone. “Last time we went over this, I don’t believe you mentioned the headache that tried to split my brain.”
    “Didn’t I?” she blinked blue eyes and smiled.
    “If Vorham asks, this never happened.”
    “I won’t tell him if you won’t. He’d be upset to find out my experiment got you off schedule.”
    “Not an easy man to work for. Why do you stay?”
    Layce shrugged, her eyes going unfocused as she considered. Jastin guessed she considered it a lot. “Not many choices. Most venurs don’t even keep wizards, with so few dragons to liaison.”
    “I don’t know of any vassal dragons left here in Esra.”
    Layce shook her head. “No, but there are many dragons in the Leland Mountains, aren’t there?”
    Jastin didn’t know why he was surprised, but his brows went up, anyway. “If you know why I’m going, why are you helping?”
    She shrugged again, but her eyes came back into focus. “The future is guided by a hand much stronger than mine. I may not like the part I play, but I do it so I can see the end as it is meant to be.”
    Jastin nodded. “As it is meant to be.”
    Layce smiled. “You know, you got a look in your eyes just now that seems almost human. You should try that again sometime.”
    He let the remark go, and just shook his head. He gripped the crystal shard sewn into his vest. “Can we do this please?”
    “Right. Just think pleasant thoughts about why you took the shard where you did. Picture it fondly, and it will whisk you back to the last place you used it.”
    “My horse is there.”
    “Good. Use that.” She leaned toward him. “There’s that look again. Twice in one conversation. Makes me see you a little differently.”
    Jastin closed his eyes and tried to picture Blade. He truly did want to be back there now.
    “Makes me wonder if I was a little younger, and you a little older…,” murmured Layce. “Well, not just older, but more mature, too. Gentler, and less selfish, maybe. In fact, if you could become an entirely different person…”
    Her voice faded. His stomach wrenched, and he struggled to stay upright. The droning flies attacked his brain again, swarming violently and shuddering his head. Then he felt crunchy grass beneath his feet, and heard a loud, irritated whinny.
    Blade pressed his muzzle against Jastin’s shoulder, and Jastin gripped it to steady himself. “I told you I’d be right back.”
    Blade snorted.
    The sound reminded him of Layce. He’d forgotten to ask her where she’d put the stone that let her speak through the horse. He couldn’t have that. He had to find the stone and destroy it. He pulled Blade’s face close, and looked into his eyes. “Layce!”
    “Yes?” came her voice through Blade’s open mouth.
    “Where’s the stone you put on my mount?”
    “Fizzitmeallenwhum,” said the horse.

Chapter Fifteen
    Kallon shot up from the lake and blasted a stream through his teeth. Water rained down like a thunderstorm, showering the lake, the shore, and the girl. She squealed and ran for cover under a tall elm.
    “Not going to swim?” he asked.
    She peered out from under leafy branches, suspicious. Then she smiled, and he felt an unexpected churn of warmth in his belly.
    “I’d like to,” she said. “But I don’t want to ruin my dress.”
    “Can’t remove it?”
    Her face flared red. He loped out onto shore, and stuck his snout near her nose to get a better look. “Feel all right?”
    “Feel fine.” She smoothed her hair from her face.
    “Thought you were enjoying yourself. Thought you were going to swim with me.” He could hear the disappointment in his own voice, and was embarrassed by it. He looked away toward the water.
    “I do want to,” she said.
    There was a long silence

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