Real Vampires Know Size Matters

Real Vampires Know Size Matters by Gerry Bartlett

Book: Real Vampires Know Size Matters by Gerry Bartlett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gerry Bartlett
Tags: Vampires
hand, realizing she was right to be upset and I didn’t know how to make her feel better. I’d been through this with Ray but it wasn’t any easier the second time around. “Take this change one step at a time. You can come back here tomorrow night. Shop some more. And we’ll talk. About what to tell your family. Right now Rafe’s right. We need to go back up and let him assess the situation. Dawn is only a couple of hours away.” Which worried me. Why wasn’t Jerry answering his phone? Had he found Mel? What were they doing? Or worse, what was she doing to him?
    “I know I’m freaking out, but I can’t seem to relax.” She glanced out the plate glass window. “And check it, paparazzi. Those people who were here earlier must have taken a picture and posted it online. That’s all it takes to get those creeps to crawl out from under their rocks.”
    “We’ll go out the back. The door into the apartments is just a few steps from there.” Rafe grabbed Sienna’s bag and hustled us toward the storeroom. “Hurry and we can beat them there.”
    “Maybe I should face them, say something.” Sienna held on to the counter, halting our progress.
    “Like what, Sienna?” I again had that feeling, my instincts warning me that she was up to something I wouldn’t like.
    “Give them a scoop. Tell them Ray isn’t what he seems, the bastard. That would teach him to suck a woman’s blood when she’s basically unconscious.” Her eyes flashed and her fangs were down.
    I darted glances everywhere. No customers inside but I saw flashes that meant the photographers outside were trying to get a picture through the window. Luckily my new Halloween displays, spiderwebs and all, and the lighting would keep them from getting a clear shot.
    “Stop it! Are you crazy?” I dragged her into the back room, Rafe helping. “You will not start rumors that could out all of us. We fly under the radar and it’s going to stay that way.”
    “Why? I think it’s cool that we’re superstrong and run and jump better than Olympic athletes. And that shape-shifting thing? Totally awesome.” She jerked her arm out of my grip. “We could rule the world, Glo. Staying hidden in the shadows is nuts. Think of the lost opportunities. Why I’d have millions more fans who’d come hear me sing just on the off chance that I’d show fang or jump off the stage and bite one of them.” She laughed. Laughed!
    “Shut the hell up. You have no idea what you’re saying. I’ve been on the sharp end of a stake, stalked by a vampire hunter. Trust me, there’s no way we’re going public.” When she started to argue, there was no help for it. I grabbed her chin and looked into her eyes. In a moment she was mesmerized and staring into space.
    “She’s going to be trouble.” Rafe picked her up and heaved her over his shoulder. He bumped into a chair which fell over with a crash.
    “No kidding.” I flinched when Megan stepped into the storeroom to see what the commotion was about. She stared wide-eyed and speechless at Sienna, a limp accessory that Rafe adjusted as he reached for the back doorknob. I shrugged, not ready to explain too much though I was sure she’d heard everything. Damned paranormal hearing.
    “It’s a shame, Megan. These rock stars. Blame Sienna’s erratic behavior on something she must have taken. I hope she hasn’t fallen off the wagon again.” I knew Megan could smell her, had figured out Sienna was now vampire. But this raving about letting vampires be known to the world was the worst kind of betrayal of our kind.
    “Glory, are you sure? I heard her. Rule the world? That’s crazy talk.” Megan followed us to the door that led to the alley. “You are going to nip this in the bud, aren’t you? Because first it’s the vamps, then the shifters can’t be far behind. I’ll report her to the vampire council myself if I think she’s a danger.”
    “No, no, I’ve got this. Sienna’s staying with me. I’m mentoring her and

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